Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pope meets secretly with Russians; “Rampaging” RCMP ordered to stand down by International Court Order

Pope meets secretly with Russians;

“Rampaging” RCMP ordered to stand down

by International Court Order –

Common Law Peace Officers to

Replace Mounties as Kinder-Morgan

environmental protest escalates

A Breaking News Release and Kevin Annett interview from the
International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)


A Public Order revoking the authority of Canada’s RCMP and replacing
them with common law peace Officers was proclaimed today at the site
of Canada’s most heated environmental protest in years.

The Order was issued by the Vancouver-based West Coast Common Law
Court of Justice in the wake of illegal arrests and violent “gestapo tactics”
by RCMP officers against peaceful protestors opposing the desecration of
forests on Burnaby mountain by the Kinder-Morgan corporation.

The Order is addressed to RCMP officers and the Superintendent of the
RCMP, and reads in part,
“Let it be known that as of today, the 27th Day of November, 2014, and
under the authority of a Court decision of March 1, 2013 that convicted the
Crown of England, the government of Canada and its officers of Crimes
against Humanity, your authority and policing powers are hereby revoked
and you are ordered to immediately stand down from further intervention
in lawful protest actions against Kinder-Morgan corporation on Burnaby

“Let it be further known that if you disregard this Order of Revocation you
will be considered to be engaged in acts of unlawful violence and criminality
against the People and their laws, and you will face immediate arrest and
detainment by Common Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court.”

Copies of the Stand Down Order were given to RCMP officers yesterday
and today and delivered to the RCMP Superintendent in Ottawa by Court
appointed Peace

Further details of this action and other updates from the Court and Tribunal
are contained in this recent interview with Field Secretary Kevin Annett:


Issued by ITCCS Central Office, Brussels
27 November, 2014

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