Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rv/gcr: AKA PT

The biggest question you can ask yourself right much gold backs up the chinese currency their is no rv until after they make the announcement of how much asset backed tonnage of gold backs their currency and most likely we will see them make this announcement very very soon as they change the value of gold they will increase all of chinas wealth as they seek to takeover the worlds leadership position remember the chinese have stipulations if they want to be a reserve currency...i.e. like pay off the historical bonds and announce the percentage Of assets that back up the YUEN...TIMBER

ClassyONE > R.V. / GCR November 30, 2014 at 3:14pm
Now your thinking! Yes! The plan! Chinas in control and they hold the keys. If the U.S. won't do anything about the bankers then China and BRICS will. They always have a plan. Detours are fine when they benefit us!

Bookman OldStyle > R.V. / GCR November 30, 2014 at 3:11pm
first mouse syndrome on a massive scale?

James Johnson > Happiness November 30, 2014 at 2:58pm
G T November 30, 2014 at 2:32pm
INTEL TODAY (So Far)......


2015 Budget doesn't have a THING To Do with the RV!!!

Abadi said the delay for "10 Days" is because of NOT KNOWING THE DECREASE IN OIL PRICES.,...REALLY???

You think we're STUPID!!!
You knew that at the Conference you attended
In Austria

But then on the next page the Army in Iraq will be paid tomorrow (in DINAR)

The RV was released on October 30th

Will the PTB:


Release the RV

We Don't Want ANY PART Of YOUR eFFd up World!!

Let us give back to people that deserve it!!!




Anonymous said...

wow john, what a posting of truth in that the u.s. will not touch the international banksters, for those are their bosses by liens, deeds, and contract of ownership, you know print money out of thin air.
the rest of the world is tired of all the u.s. military bases on other nations soil, and still have not left. just like the roman empire, and british empire who loved to have slaves as toys, to this day many say that england has over 100,000 human slaves right under the noses of the common man. if every man would FRIST BE A FOOT SOLDIER, and not hide in bunkers, for true bragging rights one must be there, eyeball to eyeball contact and then a true story to brag about bravery, and valor shown in only the brave and proud ones in uniform, THE FOOT SOLDER.

Anonymous said...

As for the arrests going on, world wide; how about showing us a perp walk of someone everybody would recognize? Just one perp walk. There is no proof backing up what you are saying, who ever you are. Just, feel good bullshit, being put out by someone to make us feel all warm and fuzzy; thinking something is being done. The only problem is there is never any proof of anything being done; just hear say. Just like General Ham being the interim president of the Republic for the united States of America; yet, not a peep from the guy. The only people I see doing anything is Keven Annett and John Daresh of the common law court and common law grand jury's. They are out there getting it done. All this other, bullshit about arrests and General Ham is all just hear say. No proof of any of it! As for these people in this post; go back to sleep. Somebody will wake you up when it is time.