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Dr. William B. Mount SPEAKS OUT !

Dr. William B. Mount SPEAKS OUT !

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William Mount
Ebola - Follow The Money
Wed Nov 26, 2014 13:50

So - with the FBI confirming that 225 members of Congress are
actively raping children and the FBI Leadership is so filled with
Child Rapers (Pedophiles) and Cross Dressers I suppose the
next set of facts will not surprise you.

Just keep in mind that the FBI is actively arresting those with
"Child Porn" on their computers but they will not arrest those in
Congress raping little children.

(Please Visualize (Pray)
that these scum are removed from Earth immediately)

The question arises - Why SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Ebola?

So what do we know:

1) We know that after 9/11 the US Corporation started wars
and killing Americans to bolster Weapons Sales.

2) We also know that during the SARS, MERS, and Swine Flu
outbreak companies that manufacture Vaccines were paid a whole
bunch to create "New Vaccines" to combat these diseases - and
they all contributed healthy amounts to the Congressmen who
rape these little children.

Why do you suppose a man will spend $5 million dollars to get
elected into an office where he brings home less than $200,000/yr?

3) We also know that these diseases can be traced back to
US Weapons Manufacturers and that no Biological Weapon is
released by the US Corporation without a vaccine already in stock
for these Corporate Bosses - yet the Vaccination Manufacturers
were paid Billions to create an already existing vaccine?

You paid for this.

4) We further know that at least 5 Presidents have told us that they
get huge sums of money to "Look For The Cure for HIV" even
though we have the cure for HIV and if they release the Cure they
said they would be killed by US Forces - CIA/FBI/DOD/BATF/NOAH
.........and any other US ABCDEFG Department.

5) We also know that NO filter stops a Biological Agent so the
"Space Suit" they wear while treating EBOLA victims are absolutely

6) We also know the EBOLA is spread by outfits like:
Doctors Without Boarders,
Red Cross,
US Organizations,
and the American Embassy Workers.

7) We know these facts because not only have we discussed each
and every one of these on Pravda and APFN, I helped write the
First NBC SOP in the DOD so my knowledge may be limited but basic
concepts are pretty simple.

So who benefited form EBOLA?

The manufacturers of Protective Gear, like Dupont and others. In fact -
these companies that make these Chemical and Biological Suits cannot
keep up with the orders - despite the fact that they are absolutely

So there you have it -Kill a few thousand people, pay off a few folks in
Congress who rape little Children, and the money rolls in hand over fist.

Lust read yesterdays' Wall Street Journal, page A7.


For You Intel Geeks

1) Bad job with Furgeson Missouri - you only had about 100 Black Rioters,
the rest knew the truth.

If you look on Yesterday's Wall Street Journal you will see a Black Man on
the right side of the picture wearing a Rabbit Fur Mat and Glasses - this is
the DOD Agent Saboteur - he was given piles of Hundred Dollar Bills to
give out to make these riots happen and the local cops were told to let
these 100 rioter burn whatever they wanted --- so all night you could follow
the Furgeson Rioters through the Police Calls as they were ordered not to
touch these DOD paid rioters.

These DOD agents come out of Pima Arizona - an acting school run by
the DOD. Look for him in ohter Black Riots soon.

As for the thousands of New York City Rioters - you could look as the
Live Times Square Camera - no rioters, the TV lied again.

2) If you have a Bond you are so screwed. We have tried to cash several
Old US Bonds, a Peruvian Bond and a Russian Bond - Forget it.
NO ONE honors these bonds - not even the US Treasury.

If you buy a Mutual Fund featuring Bonds - OK.

If you buy a US Savings Bond or Russian or Brazilian or Chinese Bonds -
they were issued without the intent to pay out. No one will honor them.

SO consider the US Debt - bonds issued with NO intent to pay out.
We owe no one, they never intended to pay on these bonds.
It is all a paper work scam.

There are only two safe havens for your money - either Freeze Dried Food
in your Pantry or directly form a Silver from a silver mine.
Current US Gold and Silver may be fake.

Yesterday it came out in the press that banks like Deutch Bank are trying to
force the US Corporation to seize Gold and Silver from the American Public
as "Unused Capitol" and a host of other names.

Evil cannot be negotiated with - it must be purged - killed. You cannot negotiate
with people who rape children - like the current Prime Minister of England and
Canada and 225 US Congressman. They must be terminated.

We were listening to a Radio Program - the same one you heard last night if
you read my story - describing the Next Human Sacrifice in England by the
Prime Minister and No One - No One - would arrest these Child Rapers and
Murders even with pictures and films.

Evil must be purged - they must be killed or put in a FEMA camp forever -
all of these Demon Possessed Freaks. There is no other way.

These "US/UK/Canadian Leading Politicians Rape and then Murder tiny little
children and refuse to honor even their own bonds.

Even holding Russian Passport aa-00023 and a Russian Knight of Malta and
a Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg I cannot get the
Russian Central Bank to honor a simple little bond.

They must be purged.

3) Bet you wish more details on 17 December - where the Nukes are going,
who is to be assassinated - too bad, you trashed my bond.

You want war US/UK/Canadian Leaders -

Please pray with me -Visualize - that Langley, DC and New York City, and
London are the first 4 places that get hit with a huge Bunker Buster Bomb
- dead center.

They want war - they can be the first to go, so says the I AM That I AM,
who was and is and is to go.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - another threat to my life today.

See: Wall Street Journal; US Buys Up Ebola Gear: Little Left For Africa

See: Front Page Wall Street Journal 25 November 2014.

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