Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Capt. USAR: "UPDATE: Special forces set to swarm Southwest...

  "Capt. USAR: "UPDATE: Special forces set to swarm Southwest...

Even as they Operate undetected among civilians...
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In reality, there should be no surprise in their  "operating undetected among the civilians ". This is what  probably every government has always done !

 It is not hard to believe there is an "expected  need" for martial law in the future.
 The  Bundy Ranch / BLM ,  Federal debacle of  " over reach" with the American  
 Patriot's  reaction, comes immediately to mind) 
 At that situation a  number of agents were  sent in.  Some more than oblivious , some not.

As far as I am concerned, I don't care and expect it, as I, nor anyone else  I personally  know of, has anything  to hide. .(
That is, as long we still will have a U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of law ,
that  actually remain functioning as originally conceived !
The next obvious question:
---What is anticipated coming from Washington in the future,-- ,
that it expects
a significant  back lash from American supporters (AKA "Patriots")

Giving what we have been seeing from this Obama Administration,plus weak "acting" Republicans, and what you are seeing  this Obama Admin is doing right now today,--creates great doubt among many of  the "informed".

---It would appear, only the most naive, low information Americans are still oblivious to what is  and has , taken  place
incrementally and over time !!

These are  my opinions
Stewart  Reeves
Captain USAR (ret)  

UPDATE: Special forces set to swarm Southwest...
Operate undetected among civilians...
Massive military exercise...


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"There is no greater tyranny, than that
which is perpetrated under the shield
of law and in the name of Justice"
~ Montesquieu ~


Anonymous said...

I, nor anyone else .( That I personally know of, has anything to hide. .( That is, as long we still will have a U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of law.

We don't have any of those with Obummer in the White House. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

What is this, are all of you Alex Jones now??

This so called Martial Law exercise is NOT what you think it means!!!
I would be the first to know if I sensed a real threat, they are all wearing civilian clothes so in no way is there a true threat.

Disappointingly the drill is merely part of the "MASS ARRESTS" which have been broadcast for over three years and are ongoing. This is only to get rid of undesirable civilians, most of which are corporate and all of whom are with the bankers who are as well being arrested. As well the military is on the look out for any hostiles, so if you or anyone like you is in support of ISIS or demonstratively against the American government by burning U.S. flags consider yourself warned!

YOU CAN ONLY BE WARNED ONCE, SO CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING. They are training to keep civil unrest under control as certain corporate officers and others are arrested and marched out of here.

Well I don't know if I trust them at all, a lot of you are saying. Well guess what, that's GOOD that you don't! It is what real Americans do and we need more Americans to be American. If they were openly planning to attack Americans as well, at minimum they would be wearing soldier colors. They are only here to observe, direct and track which means you should be keeping them under close surveillance if you know what's good.

Although this is indeed the good military getting rid of the "last" of these thieves, there are also many admirals and what not who have their own agenda. They may attempt to solicit help from veterans to cover up crimes on certain army bases as that is what they are paid for. It is very likely they will do whatever is necessary to infiltrate and arrest anyone who was experimented on to attempt to settle it in a tribunal, simply to save the U.S. top brass thousands in legal expenses when all this comes out in court.

That is indeed what everyone can expect from the U.S. military but there will be no civil war, they are under close watch so open war has been averted. There will also be no forcing a vaccine on Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians or Indians. If you want a microchip or otherwise you now have to request to get one, otherwise you will not be given any of those designs against your will because that was the demand.