Sunday, March 29, 2015

MORE INFO-TEXAS AND..... Black Helicopters Rehearse Transporting “American Enemy Combatants” to Jade Helm 15 “Black Sites”

As I was working on a report concerning the existence of nationwide rendition centers known as black sites, I was sent a video, from multiple people, made by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton filming black helicopters, yesterday, in Texas (see video below). This video validates many reports that I am receiving about preemptive arrests of dissidents notated as “enemy combatants” in preparation for Jade Helm 15 and this is what I believe the two reporters are witnessing.
Execution of Red List Activities to Remove Known Dissidents
Dissident extractions consist of personnel in armored vehicles descending upon a home of a known dissident. The known dissident and the family are SWAT-teamed and arrested. The dissident is transported to a waiting helicopter where they and other similarly collected dissidents are transported to where ground transportation will be used to move the captives to a “black site re-education facility”. This protocol is for the main target only. The planned fate of dissident family members is something that I have not been able to determine

Jade Helm 15 Has Already Commenced
Please note that Jade Helm 15 (JH 15) is not commencing on July 15, 2015, as announced by the military. JH 15 is happening right now. Further, JH 15 is not only taking place in the American Southwest, there are multiple reports that JH 15 is also being conducted in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. In Florida, I have received reports of black sites that are in play and “dress rehearsals” are taking place as we speak. I have two reports from confidential sources that multiple black sites are in play in Tampa, FL
The dress rehearsals include, “abducting” drill volunteers as these people disappear to a black site for two days and then are released. One member of the staff at The Common Sense Show has also received a similar report, but to date, nobody has had the courage to go on the record.


Anonymous said...

When I was a young boy, I was taught, and found it to be true, that police officers were our friends. If we needed help we could go to a police officer and receive whatever help was needed. They were the protectors of the people. You know, "Protect and Serve." Obviously, that motto is defunct, although it is still painted on police cars. I think they only "protect and serve" their masters, the elite bankers. The same is becoming true of our military. They are being brainwashed and trained for the day they will be ordered to imprison and/or kill Americans. Most Americans have always supported the men and women in uniform, but now they are told we are the enemy. If we support the constitution and the American flag, we are somehow enemies of the state and subject to termination. Many, i know, will not go along with such orders, but it appears the majority will, and those who dissent will no doubt face the same punishment we, as patriots and God fearing citizens, will. How did it come to this? Apathy and ignorance. We have been dumbed down by the government and their controlled media and the "education" system. Our schools and colleges have become government indoctrination centers. And the American people would rather be entertained than educated, anyway. Hollywood and their shit bags like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry are satan's disciples and spread the same filth that the government pushes on us. We are on a downhill slide and it is getting steeper, and still a large portion of the population has no clue what's coming. Their biggest feat is that their welfare check may be cut, or the liquor store will run out of their favorite beer.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the Republic has control of this situation because the "Red List" are the people to be executed as soon as possible.

Red List: Pryor Military, Pryor law Enforcement- Federal or State, All Militia Groups, All Patriot Groups, All that have served time in Prison and others Groups.

If Martial law starts they will go into all Prisons, Federal and State and kill all inmates. That is one of the biggest fears inmates have while incarcerated.
Ken T.