Tuesday, March 31, 2015

POPE Francis to Lead U.N. 1-World GOVT Official "SIGNING" & Launching

POPE Francis to Lead U.N. 1-World GOVT Official "SIGNING" & Launching

September 2015


ANTICHRIST & 4th Blood Moon merging in major tangible SIGN of the nearing Tribulation ~


john said...

I m sorry But it s already been years of tribulation Give a break

Popeye said...

This piece of crap needs to be hung as he has already been involved with child trafficking, sacrifices, murder, and many other horrific crimes... AND has been found guilty through a world tribunal....get a rope and get it done....

slaveman said...

But...but... this is the 'vicar' of the Christ ? He has the power of the Church/Vatican. The Vatican owns all the land and all the people. The pope is Christ on earth.{?}

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is the chosen face, PR front man, and mouthpiece for the evil global elite.
Originally he was going to hype 'global warming/climate change' here in the US in September,
maybe he still will.
I would much rather hear an apology for what the 'system' has done to us.

By September 2015, hopefully all the secrets regarding each nation's stolen gold and wealth should be well known.
Add to that the fraud that can be traced back to the 'Donation of Constantine', allowing this cult into believing they have the right to own every square inch of this earth, plus
the Vatican's true nature and purpose, and I think we may have a chance at putting
them out of business.

He hopes asking for 11 months of 'mercy and forgiveness' is going to wash away 2000 years of innocent bloodshed. That is a pretty big request. It better come with a pretty big $$ bonus to help people forget
the history and think about the future...

As for him personally, I read interrogations of him in spanish in Argentina, about his participation in
aiding the militarized government against protesting poor people.
As punishment to two Jesuit priests who lived among, and tried to help and protect the poor in the villages,
Francis allowed the priests to be arrested, jailed and tortured.
After a long time, the two 'offenders' were dropped, drugged and naked in a field. One of them has since
died, the other is living quietly to himself.
A couple of nuns were treated the same for their disobedience, except that they got 'dropped' from a plane
over the ocean. Thankfully their remains washed up onto shore.
I wonder how they accounted for that?

But the most troubling stories of the Argentine military government was, jailing pregnant protestors.
They would deliver their babies in jail and never see them again.
So, for one mother who knew she would be killed, named her infant daughter 'Ana Libertad'.
The maternal grandparents knew only that much.
Somehow, they came 'face to face' with then Cardinal Bergoglio, and asked him about their
grandaughter Ana Libertad.
He told them she was in good hands.

I have been troubled about this incident ever since I read about it.
This can never acceptably be explained away as 'the ravages of war' or condoned by
the facist Vatican.
Francis was in charge of his province, he didn't really lift a finger to help anyone but the agenda
to subjugate Argentina and the defenseless people.
If you're a Jesuit you can do those things; vow to a twisted oath.

He's no different than any of the others before him.

The evil they have done over the centuries would fill the space in their own library.

One of the last gestures of 'goodwill' by the Vatican against people on the globe has to be
at the hands of Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict.
He almost succeeded with his part in keeping humanity from ever receiving financial benefit
due the so many impoverished countries.

I passionately care about, among other things,
their permanent non-existence, and
I am not concerned about their losses of
reputation, wealth, power or influence.

This is 2 0 1 5 - NOT 70 AD!

The time has come