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Was Bob Beck hiding the Secrets of Lakhovsky?

Was Bob Beck hiding the Secrets of Lakhovsky?  


Published on Sep 4, 2013

Was Bob Beck hiding the Secrets of Lakhovsky?

In 1963, it was Dr Bob Beck Phd. who found a Georges Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator machine that is potentially capable of regenerating life and healing the body. It was Bob Beck who figured out how to get the multi-wave oscillator machine up and running again in only a few hours while others had failed. This was in
1963 and 3 decades before Bob Beck made his simple square wave zapper. Why is it that Bob Beck talks
about not understanding Rife or multiple frequencies in his speeches in the 1990's (30 years after he
obviously knew exactly how the Lakhovsky machine worked) and pushed his simple (and still usefuel ) zapper as a "cure-all". Would not the Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator machine been much more effective and closer
to a real "cure-all".

Georges Lakhovsky was killed (obviously murdered) when struck by a limousine in 1942 when he traveled to NYC from France to observe the miracle healing effects of his machine. Immediately after Lakhovsky's death, the machines were removed from the hospital despite having a 98% success rate in curing otherwise terminal cancer and other diseases. Quite obviously sinister forces were at work. In 1939 Lakhovsky published "The Secret of Life" which was when the world's attention was on the invasion of Poland by Hitler.

It is a very obvious fact, that if Lakhovsky's multi-wave oscillator machine even worked 10% as good as it
was touted to perform, many, many millions of $dollars could have been saved in medical treatment for injured WWII veterans and much pain and suffering would have been avoided. It is quite obvious that the "elite" have other plans for us. And it is even more obvious that the average person will never take any action of their own
to look into these theories or keep the idea alive. The ideas of Lakhovsky did not die mainly because of the
"elite" but rather by a lethargic public who must be spoon-fed everything and told what to do. The average person follows Hollywood like a Pavlov dog.

Bob Beck Jan 24, 1999

The Bob Beck Protocol Part 1 of 11 Aids HIV Cure

At 3 mins 30 sec. They beat up Bob Beck after he comes out of his NYC hotel and someone films it from across the street with a telephoto lenses. Was that actually done to convince you of something? That Beck is a persecuted crusader? 

At 6 mins 20 sec he talks about the suppressed cure for all diseases found by Lyman and Kaali in 1991 in The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC, yet Bob Beck knew and fully about the Georges Lakhovsky machine in 1963 and was fully capable of getting that machine running and found it was o hoax. Lakhovsky's machine had a 98% cure rate in terminal patients ad could actually reverse age people by restoring cell vitality. Did Bob Beck grow his hair back with a magnetic pulser, as he claimed or did he use Lakhovsky's machine.
Ever hear of anyone getting hair restoration results like Bob Beck with a magnetic pulser? I certainly have not.

The Bob Beck Protocol Part 5 of 11 Aids HIV Cure

At 20 seconds he says Dr. Royal Rife did not cure anything unless the patient actually contacted the
electrical current. Beck says Rife machines don't work.

The Bob Beck Protocol Part 9 of 11 Aids HIV Cure

At 5 mins and 46 secs he says he has to go cure some people in the CIA who contracted Aids and the
methods he outlined are the only cure. He can't say where he was going to do this. He also says the government is curing CIA agents with aids in secret and the cure Bob Beck outlined is the only thing
that works.

The Bob Beck Protocol Part 10 of 11 Aids HIV Cure

At 5 mins and 45 secs he talks about women from Iraq and Iran smuggling into the USA in their body
cavities biological germ warfare microbes to kill off millions in the USA. He says this after a talking a
bout how WWIII will mainly be waged with biological weapons because they don't want to destroy the
real estate.

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