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Military Coup of America – David Wilcock – PENDING MASS ARRESTS.

If you have the time to listen to this clip in its entirety you will hear about moon and mars bases that USA has had for decades along with technology that will come of age when the NWO makes people get the chip.  
One thing for sure, you never want a chip in you, they are known to cause cancer and the radio frequency in them can be read in space…
Amazing talk with two insiders.  Dr. Fred Bell died the day after he gave Jess Ventura an interview for Jess’ tv show…what’s up with that…sadly its not easy being a truth teller.
God Bless Fred Bell – he has an amazing history as does Dr. Bill Deagle.  This talk includes how the satan lovers (the powers that be – probably the same ones that spray chemtrails all day on us) will make people sick and die and will require a forced vaccination – that by the way will make you sicker and die faster.  NEVER take a vaccination – listen to Eustice Mullins on this, big pharma is big business running this government. They make money, keeping people SICK..  Monsanto should NEVER be allowed to put weed killer in our food.  Beware of all GMO it will make you so very sick over time.  
Listen very carefully, Dr. Deagle talks about pre-wired nucs under cities planted by RUSSIA and the Mossad. 
Eustice mentioned that’s why JFK Jr. happened to die in the plane crash because he was going to do a Mossad in depth story, in his national magazine and expose the truth of whats really going on in the USA. 
That story is in the above referenced Secrets of the Federal Reserve which is just private families printing fiat money from nothing and owning all the world, with NO ties to the USA except to make us slaves, and the underground cities are known to have slave labor and human experimentation.
They risk their lives for this information to get out.
They talk about Chemtrails that cause major earthquakes by harmonic frequency waves (HAARP), weather modification and to get humans sick with the toxic spray.  Why would the government do this to us, they say they pulse thoughts and emotions via the chemtrails by scalar technology..
Is there hope for us…YES – LISTEN – You will never hear this talk on mainstream media and utube may delete it, you may want to copy it. 
They also talk about the Portland, OR factories that made railroad boxcars-lined-with-shackles with false floors built in to be used to round up people.  
The talk mentions there are 132 underground cities in America all connected by a high speed rail system.  They say that America has been completely taken over by the 4th Reich.  We really NEVER won WW2. Always remember bankers fund both sides of war and Big Pharma is a cabal that wants to keep people sick for profit. Eustice wanted us all to know that.
Big Pharma corporations supply the ingredients that gas people in the fema camps and underground facilities.  Also shocking in this clip Dr.Deagle says that there are people taken off the streets to be used as mind control sex slaves and they are shipped underground and/or taken to off world factories.  I’ve heard this before that there are alien bases on other planets and they heard people like cattle in factories to eat them…
There is an epidemic in parks of missing people that has been a very big secret with park rangers.  
Human trafficing is discussed missing people have been reported from the Red Cross and Dyncorp had been taken to court over this..  If this Jade Green goes live, there is just no telling what will happen to anyone.
prison trucks1
FEMA prisoner box cars with shackles and guillotines in America – YES

This video can’t be listened to enough, he mentions that Russia is accelerating weapons into the U.S. just in time for Jade Helm. Which by the way – means to me, Chinese troops with be joining them and taking over land.  We have been getting invaded for years by this military build up and foreign occupation.  Many national parks have been closed off and people all around this USA report sightings of military in their towns, that is NOT our USA troops.

So, I came across this today and found this was posted way back in 2012, is he full of bullshit or what, you decide…

Boba Fett animated scanning helmet; Boba Fett the alien bounty hunter of Star Wars movie fame.Boba Fett animated scanning helmet; Boba Fett the alien bounty hunter of Star Wars movie fame.Boba Fett animated scanning helmet; Boba Fett the alien bounty hunter of Star Wars movie fame.
Boba Fett animated scanning helmet; Boba Fett the alien bounty hunter of Star Wars movie fame.
Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.47.15 PM
What does
What does “Master the human domain” mean? Is it a euphemism for the complete subjugation of the civilian population of the United States
Creepy-Denver-airport and Dulce Underground Holding Faclities where they will gas the trains just like Germany LEAKED- The British Reading Fairy Garden Statue

Animation of colliding galaxies spiraling through space
BAD SIGN: FEMA office on Staten Island closes ‘due to weather’


Your Path..
Murder by Injection - Eustace Mullins



Nazi UFOs
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Wilcock has an amazing talent for making the eyes glaze over, he deserves a good holiday!