Monday, March 30, 2015

Freewill being attacked by bad guys

One think about having a blog like this is the cabals just love to try and crash your system often. Luckily I started out on the Comodore 64 back in 1982. No big sweat for me. I usually reformat at least once a month to take out the garbage. This time C: was targeted.... so I am redoing things and will not be posting much this evening until after My main machine is back up and running.



Anonymous said...

Ok, This time, format and put Linux on there.
Ubuntu 12.04 recommended, 14.04 if you're a trail-blazer.
Problem solved. It is much harder for the system to get compromised unless you are an ID10T with a minimal password.
I have been online with Linux computers for over 15 years now and I have only been hacked once, probably at least 10 years ago and it was my fault. . . weak password. Since then, not once that I am aware of.
You download the CD (actually it is a DVD image, now) or the USB installer, and it sets up kinda like Winders, asks you the basic questions which you'll know how to answer.
Once installed, there is a list of packages I add that aren't on by default that makes it play DVDs and other video and audio formats and sail on, man!
P.S. My first one was a Commodore VIC-20. Had a cassette tape drive for storing data and programs! Amazing little thing! Then a C-64. Still have some of that hardware. Still works, too. Lots of disks. Managed to get that thing (C-64) on the 'net (at that time everything was text based) using dial-up with GeNIE and later with CompuServ. 300baud! Did email and basic information searches.

Anonymous said...

Freewill, keep safe, and yes, Linux is good.......take care now and bless!