Sunday, March 29, 2015

ISA_The End of the American Presidency_29MAR15

The End of the American Presidency

Many Americans, millions, wanted the constitutional crisis addressed and resolved over the past six years, filing law suits, FOIA requests seeking information on who Barack Obama really is and where he really came from, calling for impeachment, both for the fraud that allowed him to seize the White House and the many treasonous acts he has committed while in that office......

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Anonymous said...

I object to one statement in the article
regarding Israel.

After almost 14 years of organized suppressed truths about Sept. 11,
should anyone with a presence of mind refer to Israel as our
'greatest middle eastern ally?'

Technically, we can have no allies.
We are friends to NO ONE!

Anyone reviewing US's scorecard and performance reports should be able to determine
that we became the New Nazi's a long time ago

Shamefully, we are worse.
I am royally p----d off over all of it!
There is no one whose face I can SCREAM at.
It is not fair to send our precious young people in for any of this...

If Cruz moves any closer to the top, it's surely because he's thinking about the gravy train he can board.

I could fill volumes with my common sense and cowboy justice.....

So here's what I do endorse,
All of 'them';
the list and reasons are to long to mention
then we can celebrate.