Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Russell Brand (Useful Idiot) anti establishment "revolutionary" who Supports Money Power Globalism

Clarkson, Brand And Useful Idiots
The imbecilic man child Russell Brand has made a video trying to explain what is happening with the Clarkson ''fracas''. According to Brand, affecting a tedious Australian accent for some reason, Clarkson is a throw back to a time before multiculturalism and tolerance which still carries a huge amount of appeal. Clarkson, says Brand, is responsible for Nigel Farage and the rise of UKIP, it's all part of a backlash to ''Political Correctness gone mad!'' and an out of date world view of individualism and pride in one's country.
The problem with Brand is simple, everything he says is unmitigated garbage.
In Brand's view Political Correctness is not a method of thought control at all, it is some sort of natural progression of the human spirit which has just magically and wonderfully appeared out of nowhere. Brand takes it for granted that we are ''diverse'' and that we can ''learn from other cultures around us''. Thus men such as Farage or Clarkson are nothing but crusty old relics dreaming of yesteryear belonging to a world which, according to Brand is '' self assured white man, the kind of version of Britain that is beginning to fade as we become more tolerant'. Brand of course likes to think of himself as a revolutionary fighting the system, yet what he has to say is almost identical to what the Chairman of Goldman Sachs has said:
''"It's impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated."
Peter Sutherland, former chairman of Goldman Sachs.
''We must learn to be more understanding of people's needs as our country becomes more diverse, and that emerges as part of our cultural narrative of who we are''
Russell Brand, Anti Establishment hero.
Peter Sutherland is speaking from a Globalist perspective of creating a gigantic consumerist slave farm for profit. Russell Brand is a supposed anti establishment ''revolutionary'' who just so happens to believe in, and agree with, everything the money power has to say.Goldman Sachs is the enemy of Brand yet he completely agrees with their Globalism, how strange...this, of course, is why he isn't locked up with Golden Dawn or slandered like Farage or sued like Le Pen.
So, the fact that men such as Clarkson and Farage are sidelined is not just because ''humanity'' has left them behind it is because the powers Brand claims to oppose are phasing them, and all other white men, out!.
But we can't expect Brand to address that, it would be painful admitting everything you have ever thought and said is childish rubbish. Russell will continue to ''Rage For The Machine''. Read More

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