Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eviction Notice


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Anonymous said...

If the Sheriff's don't/won't do their Jobs....Then this day will be coming, Like it or not..... I don't like it much, but like it's Resolve more, each & everyday....

Body Amour only heats up in the crosshairs of Microwave Crowd Control Technology....Parking Areas with lots of Cars will absorb and break-up/bounce this energy right back to the source....

So ware your Kevlar, Tape-up any metal on your weapons that you may need to hold...Keep your Ammo covered...If it's been stored, remember to shake the rounds before you clip-them-in....(eliminates misfires)...remember....

I don't think there will be many of them who will surrender....??....Wear goggles, aim for the neck, face, arms, legs & feet...Don't waste your ammo on their Bullet-Proofed Torso...If they are willing to bleed.....Make them Bleed-out....

Purpose & Direction

Anonymous said...

!!Hear, Hear!!
I second that motion!

I will be using my power of intention
backing anyone with my prayers
aimed for the targets
that I shoot with truth
from a very taught bow,
over and over
I rarely miss the bullseye.
I'm a female, and I'm angry
and my name IS NOT 'Julia'!
as in barack's campaign (Life of Julia) dolt