Sunday, March 29, 2015

TPP – A Closely Guarded Secret

Has anyone heard very much about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement? An agreement that is going to affect 40% of the world is under lock and key. Does anyone else smell a four day old carp? Leaders in major corporations, with a great interest in gaining profits from this agreement, are actually involved in writing TPP, but our own elected officials have very limited access. Kind of like the private bankers who created the Federal Reserve in 1913.
US Senator Bernie Sanders office confirmed that our lawmakers are only allowed a quick look at the text of the agreement (which is still subject to more change) and only in the Trade Representatives office by themselves. No staff or any experts are allowed in with them. They are not allowed to make copies of the agreement to take back to the Hill where they would have the time to read and dissect the content or call in any experts to view it and give their opinion.
Why all the secrecy if this is such a good move for America? Well, does anyone remember the fanfare, yet all the secrecy surrounding the Affordable Care Act when it was first proposed? First of all, it was so weighty, no one could have waded through it before it came time to vote. Do you think that was an accident? And our brilliant Democratic lawmakers voted it in anyway as their aging bubble headed cheerleader told them they'd have to pass it to be able to read it.
I'm still wondering about the water supply at Capitol Hill. Is it possible the fluoride content is higher than normal? Yet, not one Republican voted for it. Were they being obstructive? That's what they were accused of by the left leaning Lame Stream Media. In light of the 'train wreck' that is Obamacare, I can't believe any member of Congress would be willing to take another political shellacking by voting for the TPP without full knowledge of it. But hey, the American voter apparently has short term memory loss. (That damn fluoride!)
However, in spite of all the secrecy, you just know someone is going to leak the content to outsiders. One leak showed that the United States – to provide a more level playing field, no doubt – is proposing to allow corporations to overturn domestic regulations. Another leak exposed a provision that would help Big Pharma inflate the price of medicines in poorer countries. Just the ones who can least afford a price hike. But, what the hell, they are mostly brown or black skinned people, of no value, right? Like I've stated before in many articles. The Anglo-Saxon Mission and don't forget that. I'm sure that Oprah thinks she has a ticket to ride because she is now a billionaire and was invited to the Bilderberg meeting last year. She will never be white enough to really join that inside club and needs to be very cautious. But I digress.
The question still remains, if the TPP is so great for America, why is it being held in such secrecy that even our lawmakers have only limited access to it? Yet they will still be expected to vote and pass it into law. My guess would be if the American people knew what Obama was up to, there would be such an outcry from the herd that their elected officials would have to back down. We can't have that as the 'King' would be displeased.
As for that Trade Representative, Michael Froman, hmm, would that be another Zionist? He's a lawyer (big surprise) and Obama's principle adviser on the TPP agreement. He's also a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. But best of all, most of his career was within the United States Department of the Treasury, where he became the Chief of Staff to – OMG – Robert Rubin. Rubin's financial advice on a debt based economy is part of the reason we are in such a wonderful financial shape today.
After Fromans stint at the Clinton White House as Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs, like a good little puppy, he followed his mentor, Rubins, to (drum roll) Citigroup where he became the President and CEO of Citi Insurance and headed Emerging Markets Strategy at Citigroup, “managing infrastructure and sustainable development investments.” (UN Agenda 21).
According to my research, he received at least $7.4 million from 2008-2009. Pretty lucrative job. But wasn't Citigroup part of the 'Too Big To Fail' corporations/banks that we bailed out in 08 to the tune of 700 billion dollars? Yet he was worth that kind of salary? Now he's advising Obama on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement? I feel so relieved that someone with his pedigree and background is in charge of how my life will be impacted by TPP.
He was quoted as saying, “We can always do better on transparency (Ya think?) “But there is no area of policy were there is closer collaboration between the executives and Congress than trade policy.” I bet he even said that with a straight face. Since Congressmen are only allowed limited access to this 'New World Order' agreement, I have to question his veracity. Maybe he's drinking the water in DC too.
Heads-up people. Demand that your representatives learn and share more about this trade agreement and if it's what I suspect it is, vote it down. Remind them that they will be the ones that take most of the backlash if this is implemented and impacts badly on Americans, which it will. The corporate executives only stand to gain from TPP. Of course they want it. And with the level of insulation from the people, they have no incentive to reject TPP.
As for our top executive, Mr. Obama, he's already proven that he's reached his level of incompetence and ignorance at the best or his evil Marxist agenda at the worst with no reelection campaign to worry about in the future. How much more damage can he do in the next 21 months?
Like Obamacare, this is another train wreck in the making.

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