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2016 A Critical year Worldwide Global Transformation

Arden Gifford
  2016 A Critical year Worldwide Global Transformation


The USA Can Lead The Way

Or Get Out Of The Way

Truly, the current planetary civilization is approaching a critical evolutionary juncture. The human race has been presented with the proverbial fork in the road with two distinctly different paths to choose from.  As it is now well past a minute to midnight, the importance of choosing the correct path has never been so urgent.
Not only is the very future of humankind at great risk, the fate of Planet Earth hangs in the balance.  Accordingly, there is now a palpable and universal sense of urgency which prods every person of conscience to get with the new REVOLUTIONARY program. That program is quite simple, and easy for everyone to understand:

Either we choose to be a part of the solution,
or we choose to be a part of the problem. 

At the end of the day, each and every nation and individual, is challenged to consider their degree of both national and personal responsibility concerning the rapidly deteriorating state of the world.  Were a critical mass of residents of this planet to faithfully contemplate this single challenge, humanity would soon experience a sea change toward a higher collective consciousness.  Attaining this expanded and enlightened awareness is now necessary if Planet Earth (and her human inhabitants) are to successfully navigate through the eye of the needle known as Evolutionary Ascension.
Some Nations Bear More Responsibility Because Of Their Special Destiny  
Because of the unique and special destiny of the United States of America, the citizens of that nation bear an extraordinary responsibility.  Unlike any other nation on Earth, when the USA sneezes, some region of the world usually comes down with pneumonia.  The current state of international relations stands as a stark testament to this fact of life.  Societies and countries everywhere have become grossly out of balance and are acting “out of character” as never before because of the overbearing influences exerted by the USA and her allies (also known as the Anglo-American Axis).
This situation cannot continue much longer without pushing the whole world into unprecedented chaos and confusion … even world war.  Because of how offensive pacts and defensive alliances have been recently forming, a global war is a very real possibility.  So tense and dire has this situation become that generations of yet unborn souls would undoubtedly issue fierce ultimatums from on high to those warmongering nations which today hold sway across the planet.  They know — and clearly see from their vantage point — that the current downward spiral of societal breakdown will eventually reach a point whereby the very purpose of human birth will be put into jeopardy.  Then what?!
For these and many other weighty reasons, the USA is especially called upon to rise to the occasion as it was destined to do so.  Whether the community of nations likes it or not, whenever and wherever the USA projects its military or political power or attempts to over-exert its economic and financial influence, the results are often catastrophic.  Such is its capability to manufacture major world events as well as determine the outcomes — in every sphere of life — that the USA must decide to join the vast majority of nations which seek to bring about positive “global transformation”.
It has never been so urgent for the American people to realize that their actions and inaction — both individual and collective — will continue to have grave consequences for the world-at-large.  The predictable election of woefully substandard and morally inferior leaders must stop once and for all.  Likewise, permitting such destructive foreign policy to be implemented in their name must be terminated.  Bluntly put, the reflexive enabling of their leaders to perpetrate so much murder and mayhem around the globe must cease.

1776 and 2016: Both Years Imprinted With Same Revolutionary Spirit

The United States of America was born on July 4 in the year 1776 — the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.  For the past one hundred years it has acted accordingly, particularly throughout the arena of international affairs.  Captivating and convincing, pioneering and inventive, dramatic and impressive, competitive and aggressive, dynamic and dominating, courageous and daring, the Fire Monkey is the most powerful and persuasive of the five different monkey types.  This profile well explains how the USA, by adroitly utilizing these national traits, acquired independence from Great Britain, the first such military victory against the English Monarchy in the history of the British Empire.
There are some significant similarities between 1776 and 2016 which are as compelling as they are instructive.  The 13 colonies were a hotbed of revolutionary fervor back in the 1770s, just as the 50 states are at the present time.  Where independence fever was running at its highest in 1776, the presidential election of 2016 may see the American people rise up against an exceedingly corrupt and incorrigible U.S. Federal Government.
Increasingly, many folks — rich and poor, white and black, conservative and liberal, religious and atheist — are expressing their desire to be liberated from the overbearing and often malevolent U.S. Federal Government.  Emancipation from the current spying and security apparatus that was put into place by another ‘King’ George post 9/11 is also sought by many.  What American hasn’t felt the ever-repressive yoke of a tyrannical federal government under the current  President Barack Obama?  And he was supposed to bring “Hope & Change”!
The American electorate ought to be extremely thankful to both George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama for laying bare the truth about the USA’s political counterfeit currency.  Both of them have served to expose their respective Republican and Democratic parties as being two sides of the very same counterfeit coin.  This single ongoing revelation will be instrumental in catalyzing an unparalleled political, economic and social revolution across the USA, as it is now occurring elsewhere throughout the world.

2016: Year of the Fire Monkey
The presidential election of 2016, like no other during this century, has the potential to effectuate the real “Hope and Change” which the whole world heard about in 2008.  Going way beyond the revolutionary platform of 1775 —  No taxation without representation” — a new party, nay, a new spirit of independence based wholly on true personal and national sovereignty can finally emerge.  A spirit so pure and so genuine that the very pillars of good and righteous governance might ‘spontaneously’ manifest.
Where today’s genuine “Independents” seem to occupy a similar political space, it will be quickly overwhelmed by real independent citizens and voters who resoundingly reject today’s corrupt version of politics as usual.
It’s true that more than any other citizen grievance, 1776 and 2016 do share the plight of“taxation without representation”.   Since the false flag attacks of 9/11, the overwhelming burdens of oppressive taxation and excessive regulation have contributed substantially to a prevailing and intensifying negative opinion about the U.S. Government. With each passing year the electorate feels more and more disenfranchised and unrepresented.  Both major political parties have been held hostage for many decades by extremely powerful corporate and banking interests, as well as by a foreign moneyed class that operates completely under the radar.
The political despots of today are beginning to look more and more like the royal tyrants of yesteryear.  The crude divide and conquer tactics of the British Monarchy have merely been replaced by the divide and rule strategy of Washington, D.C. politicos and Crown City of London banksters. Carrots (bread & circuses) and sticks (fasces) have been substituted with smoke and mirrors.  The Hegelian Dialectic has become so refined in its implementation that “Problems, Reactions and Solutions”are as imperceptible as they are seamless.  In fact, today’s methods of political control and economic oppression have become remarkably subtle and sophisticated.

It is the phenomenal efficacy of this prevailing MO, being implemented 24/7 by the ruling cabal, that makes it is so very difficult for the average American to grasp both the depth and breadth of his or her servitude.  Likewise, everyone alive today exists, to varying degrees, on what is essentially a planetary plantation.  However, the many facets of this societal prison are now being laid bare for all to see, especially since the advent of the internet.  All of this is happening at an ever-accelerating pace leading up to the U.S. presidential election of 2016 
As more people wake up to this age-old scheme of financial incarceration, there is a palpable and growing sentiment of peaceful revolution.  It is now spreading quickly enough that its fruits may ripen in time for the 2016 U.S. presidential election.  Its fullest public expression will most likely occur during the frenzied campaign season of the same year.  For everyone’s information, the campaign season is already in full swing.  And both Democrats (Hillary Clinton) and Republicans (Jeb Bush) are already taking an unprecedented beating.  Some ‘frontrunners’ are even afraid to formally announce their candidacies.

Even the stars portend striking parallels between the American Revolution of 1776and the upcoming USA Revolution of 2016.  Every knowledgeable astrologer will agree that the 1770s saw the planet Pluto cruising through Capricorn just as it has been since 2008.  This particular transit only occurs once every 245 years and does not bode well for those who populate the establishment.  Especially those who occupy the greatest positions of power throughout government, the military, law enforcement, and the like, will be seriously challenged.  Ultimately, the entire power structure of American society will find itself under tremendous assault and inordinate stress, as it should be.
Certainly the English Generals and their mercenary armies did not fare well when Pluto was barreling through Capricorn during the Revolutionary War period.  When the most powerful navy and best equipped infantry on Earth is defeated by roving ragtag bands ofMinutemen, there must have been far greater forces at work than the once almighty British Empire.  And so there were.
The confluence of cosmic energies which prevailed in 1776 were not too unlike those which will predominate now and in 2016. Whereas July 4, 1776 is considered by many to be the very birth date of the United States of America, it is also known that 2016 will present verysimilar astrological circumstances for the highly anticipated and necessary rebirth of the America Republic.
Not only are both years (1776 and 2016) dominated by the energies of the incomparable Fire Monkey, which only occurs every 60 years, this rare window of opportunity is once again opening during the exceptionally transformative cycle when Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 through 2024.  The last time this exact astrological synchronicity occurred was 1776, and it can only repeat once every 240 years.
Uranus And Neptune Transits Will Also Exert Heavy Influences During 2016 
For the armchair astrologers among us there are a couple of other heavy duty transits occurring throughout this intensely revolutionary period.  As the planet Uranus continues to rampage through Aries until 2018, Neptune will be plunging through Pisces through 2025.  Both of these planetary passages will serve to greatly amplify the ongoing crescendo of Pluto in Capricorn.  In both instances, these heightening astrological influences will significantly contribute to the hallmark of 2016 — CHANGE … profound and fundamental change!
And there ain’t no stopping it.  It’s just a matter of how it will manifest based on our collective intention and individual initiative.

Saturn Enters Sagittarius: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Speaking about change, perhaps the most consequential of all these evolving heavenly configurations is that the planet Saturn will be in Sagittarius for most of 2015, 2016 and all of 2017.  The Sagittarian traits of truth-seeking and truth-speaking will literally overwhelm the political, economic and social arenas throughout the USA.  As each person takes back their power, stands in their own truth, and then speaks truth to power, the nation will change … overnight!
This particular transit, occurring simultaneously with those previously mentioned, guarantees that 2016 will shape up to be the most tumultuous, tempestuous and turbulent year of the new millennium.  This rapidly evolving state of affairs ought to be considered the first phase of the inevitable karmic outworking of the dramatic destiny of the USA.  It will be very similar to, yet different from, the July 4, 1776 trigger point which saw the signing of the Declaration of Independence and subsequent American Revolutionary War.
However, that’s not to say that the “American Revolution of 2016” will be violent; however, it can’t avoid being messy … very messy.  When the truth about the U.S. Government’s complicity in the 9/11 terrorist attacks becomes widespread, anything can happen. Many other ‘incredible’ and treacherous betrayals of the citizenry will also be revealed. Disclosures of these violations of the public trust will be so serious and so many that the body politic will quickly realize that it is time to start over.
When the social contract between government and its citizens has been breached, as it has been over many decades in the USA, there is only ONE remedy. Ultimately, We, the People will be compelled to peacefully overthrow the irreparable federal government of these United States of America.
*   *   *   End of Part I   *   *   *
State of the Nation
February 26, 2016
Editor’s Note
Part II will discuss the critical part that 2015 will play in the lead up to the upcoming“2016 in the USA: The Greatest Show on Earth”.
2016: Year of the FIRE MONKEY
“And, boy, is he pissed!”


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any evidence that Astrology means anything. Just like Nostradamus, it seems to be guesswork that is only ' relevant ' after the fact where people will pick and choose ' predictions ' that correlate with events already transpired. I used to think there might be something to the Quatrains, until Rudy Cambier pointed out that they were composed between 1323 and 1328 by a Cistercian monk, Yves de Lessines, prior of the abbey of Cambron & Nostradamus simply claimed them as his, aka, stole them. Think about it - NOBODY in the public realm has ever been able to PUBLICLY predict any concrete event prior to the event. It's all entertainment. When somebody can issue a prediction PREVIOUS TO THE EVENT PUBLICLY, we got something. blueray

Anonymous said...

The colonies may have acquired 'independence' from Great Britain
in a 'first' such military victory against the English monarchy,
but it wasn't complete.

Otherwise we would not have been subjugated financially
to them all these years with we the people sending tribute
to them.

If we are really going to be free of this debt slave servitude
in this revolution, we better make damn sure that this time
we really do 'kill the bank'.

And for good measure, the 'church' should be made to admit to
every part they've contributed to the dark parts of history.

They can start by announcing that King James VI of Scotland / King James I of England,
was 'Black', and his parents were light skin black.
He will always be credited with making the 1611 Bible available to the people.

Then the church and the monarchy can both be held responsible
for the 30 year European and English civil wars to 'eliminate'
the dark skinned races and expelling them.
They drove them out to other parts of the world and enslaved them,
before they proceeded to the 'Inquisitions'.

Yes, the nations of the world are at the same crossroad
that they have always been, wishing they could make peace
with forces always flexing their dominance over
someone, for something.

The time for mankind living lives of quiet desperation
should be over, whether it's written in the stars or not.

Those that can, will face what comes and help those
who might need help with a 'new reality'.