Sunday, August 30, 2015

State of Texas Being Sued by Foreign Citizens with Mexican Government Support

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State of Texas Being Sued
by Foreign Citizens
Mexican Government Support

Things get more bizarre by the day. Last night, a conversation
between some friends regarding religion, weapons and
self-defense occurred, due to the shooting incident in Virginia
of two news crew individuals on live TV. It ended friendly with
one friend stating he would give up freedom and liberty if it
meant government would make it harder for people to get firearms.
The very same person indicated he didn't need a "book" to tell him
right from wrong, as his mother had done that, and he did whatever
would keep him from being jailed; but, he never declared where
she got her guidance or where he thought individual rights originated.
There was no surprise there, since, despite my friend declaring no
affiliation with any politics or ideology, he clearly believed the
propaganda peddled to many Americans, while claiming
a "free thinker" position.

This morning,
amicus brief, Mexico claims "friendly nations" should accept these
foreign passports or government-issued IDs to avoid introducing
a "troublesome and discordant element into bi-national or
transnational relations" by expressing doubt regarding their
authenticity. Texas count registrars are refusing to accept these
forms of identification as valid without a valid visa or consular
document. Mexico claims Texas registrars are in violation of the
14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
Texas Civil Rights Project and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid,
who represent the seventeen families from Mexico and Central
America, claim Texas violated the Equal Protection Clause,
as well as the Supremacy Clause.



Anonymous said...

bout time Mexico got off the u.S. tit and put their "big boy pants on"

Anonymous said...

They should let Mexico know that the 14th Amendment was never ratified so they can't use that in our courts as a reason, so there. Ken T.

Freewill said...

14th Amendment was created for and only applies to public servants.