Sunday, August 30, 2015

Don’t Be Attached to the Shitstorm

by Zen Gardner
This is not a time to be tuning into the overall state of humanity without great care and awareness. We’re in a vortex of change such as humanity has never been exposed to. And it will hurt your heart. This confluence we’re in the midst of is very serious business.
We’re all being taken on a wild ride that can lead nowhere, or somewhere. It all depends on our original orientation. The unaware will be taken down paths of deceitful manipulation while the aware will find a ride to empowerment and even further confirmations regarding what’s truly transpiring.
What path we choose is paramount.
The best analogy is a stream or river of water. When in one, when and where you direct your vessel is what it’s all about. Especially when the stream is moving rapidly and with seeming reckless abandon. There’s nowhere to hide from these “current” influences. Our options appear to be somewhat limited, but only without conscious awareness and the ability to rise above the turmoil and so not be driven or steered by what is coming at us.
Operating from an intelligently detached perspective, like a wise, informed ship captain in a turbulent sea, must be our conscious point of reference.
When to Tune In, and Out
Empaths specifically are particularly sensitive and instinctively “take on more water” in their foundational nature of attuned compassion. The shared passion of others is what their hearts readily “take on board”. But be careful. Empathy alone will not mitigate a survival situation.
So many are and will be suffering through these eddies, rip tides and gushing engineered rapids being foisted on humanity that the heart cries of the innocent will resound loudly in the empath’s ears. This is potentially like the seductive sirens of Ulysses’ journey if we’re not careful to regulate what we tune into. We need to be touched by the “feeling of their infirmities” but never compromise nor forsake the manning of the ship.
What we know and represent is their lifeboat. As well as our own.
Much like rescuing a drowning swimmer, the lifeguard has to approach the situation with great caution and wisdom, or he too will go down with the panicking victim. That’s not to say nothing should be done. It just needs to be handled intelligently and in a sense, unemotionally. If we tune into the fear and panic we do no one any good and our positive potential is completely compromised.
I know those I’m addressing are hearing this loud and clear. Those who feel estranged from this sentiment I’m expressing may yet wake up spiritually to our inter-connectivity at which time this will become clear. For now this just needs to be said.
Mind Your Psychic Awareness
Mind your tuning and reception device. There’s a time to turn it up, and a time to turn it down. Know the difference and act judiciously.
I know many wonderful people in various states of upheaval over these latest turns in the world situation and what appears to be ahead of us. It’s taking a toll on people’s health, energy, minds and hearts. It’s no small thing we’re going through, or some kind of situation we’re going to escape by flipping into 4 or 5D or have a galactic intervention or some such to save us from it all.
My advice is to beware of all of that, but entertain what you want. The only “escapism” we can enjoy is true conscious awareness based in compassion and determination. And it’s nothing to snicker at. Those who know this perspective understand what I am saying.
It is sober, it is responsible, it is caring to the utmost degree. It’s just intensely aware to not get duped into foolish mind flips and fanciful escape hatches, all of which seem to be popping up faster by the day.
I have a tremendous love for humanity and strong conviction concerning its potential, as do so many of you. Let’s all keep awakening those around us, but guard your energy in times like these. Not to be selfish, but wise.
Stay strong. We’re at our battle stations. Be vigilant.
And it’s an honor to serve with so many wonderful, caring souls.
Love and gratitude always,
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