Saturday, August 29, 2015

Carl Swensson: Forget your differences America and come together

Carl Swensson: Forget your differences America and come together

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On Aug 26, 2015, at 6:39 PM, Anna Von Fritz <> wrote:
I am sorry she feels that way. As for me, I …
Perhaps when centuries of atrocities reach the light of day. Atrocities committed by “The Church” and the Crown, there will in fact be hell to pay.
Perhaps that is why the third Fatima continues to stay under wraps and perhaps the only thing that could possibly prevent “The Church” from suffering the wrath of the once faithful is to have those faithful destroyed before “The Church” is.
After all, why would overtures now be made by the Vatican towards the
Muslims and a uniting of ALL faiths remaining under “The Church”.
it may not be clear to others but it is clear to me that the day of reckoning is in fact, at hand. 55 years of holding that dark secret means the Vatican is prepared to hold it until the end and that end is with this Pope. A Jesuit.
Hell was the theme of the first two Fatima’s and if the third was anything other than more Hellish prophecy, don’t you think it would have been released in 1960 as it was ordered to be?
So when I read of the proclamation made by Anna, confessed Emissary of the Pope, One has to wonder why no supporting documentation that can be understood to mean what she has written, can be found.
The “Motu Proprio” from 2013 is often cited as revoking the license of the BAR Attorneys yet the average person will be hard pressed to discern that intent.
It is as if major liberties were taken in interpreting that document. The only recognized agents of the Vatican have always been the Jesuits yet we are now asked to believe the term equates to BAR Attorneys.
I, for one, have been sickened by the ever present perverting of language on the part of the BAR AND the Vatican so why should we now be asked to take a leap of faith and trust the words of the last Pope’s Emissary?
After all, when you stop and think about it, the Fatimas dealt with Hell and the Devil has made great strides in convincing people he doesn’t exist. For those who do believe in the creator the Devil is never far behind.
So, if the Devil’s fairly new digs are at the Vatican, what purpose would all this revisionist history, laced with enough truth to be believable, serve? Only the Vatican’s, of course.
So you are asked to give a pass to the one organization that has the absolute most blood of innocents on their hands… “The Church”.
Produce the evidence this is not the truth or cease and desist in the continued fraud upon the people. Lord knows we have enough of that on display in every court.
Oh, and for the record, the regional Metropolite in Atlanta was provided an entire package of how one local court system was completely ignoring all Laws, Statutes, Codes and protocols for decency and asked to intervene.
Being the local equivalent of the “Holy See” and having alleged orders of Pope Francis via this “Motu Proprio”, why would he refuse to intervene when requested?
Words are nothing without action and the action I now see is the concerted effort to keep those who have every right to remove the criminals in government hold off on the word of an Emissary for the doctrine of destruction.
Forget your differences America and come together to rid the pests and vermin from government and the courts or be prepared for yet another holocaust. The Blue pill or the Red pill remains your choice.


Anonymous said...

Is judge Anna's book a sham too? Can someone confirm?

Dan said...

Why don't you do the research of Anna's book and then look elsewhere of that information and you might find out it is true, but she did a lot of the research.
Now if you want only something coming from a BAR Judge then you have a problem, as the Americans Standing united are coming together with all these liberty groups to take back our Republic.