Monday, August 31, 2015

Undercover Investigator Reveals Footage McDonald’s Will Most Definitely Not Want To Go Viral

I’m NOT lovin’ it…
Warning: Video is very graphic and disturbing; not suitable for work or to be viewed by children.

McDonald’s may be attempting to win over consumers with their new transparency campaign, but this video caught by an undercover investigator reveals footage the company will most definitely not want to go viral.
As MercyForAnimals shares, a major chicken supplier for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods has been caught on film deeply abusing chickens. In this graphic and deeply disturbing video, factory farm workers can allegedly be seen beating the chickens with spikes, breaking their necks by stomping on their heads, and much, much more…
McDonald’s is not only losing profit and consumer support (forcing the company to close 700 store locations), it’s failing to address pressing concerns to do with creations offered, as well as the treatment of animals in factory farms. From toxic chemical compounds in the company’s fast food, to the sourcing of eggs and poultry from feces-laden fast farms: McDonald’s is exampling the ‘food paradigm’ informed individuals are working very hard to move away from.
The recent video investigation reportedly certifies that the company (and Tyson foods) does not have consumer interest or animal welfare in mind and is feeding present customers the worst level of factory-farmed meat available.
Factory farm workers stabbing chickens to death with spikes and squashing their skulls is beyond inhumane, it’s near sadistic. And THIS is the type of abuse you – or anyone you know – supports when you order from McDonalds or buy from Tyson.
Just one more reason to opt for organic, local, and sustainably grown food, and STOP supporting companies more keen to collect profit than deliver products of integrity.
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Anonymous said...

These dirty bastards need to be treated to the same kind of abuse they inflict on these chickens. Then, they need to be locked away for the remainder of their natural lives. They are not normal, and probably suffer from the same disorder that murderers act out when killing reporters on-air, police officers, or children in schools. Personally, I'd like to give this fat bastard a good beating.

Anonymous said...

I agree except for the ON AIR SHOOTING IS VERY SUSPECT. However, these CAFO ((CAFO) is an animal feeding operation (AFO) that (a) confines animals for more than 45 days during a growing season) NEED TO BE BANNED!!!! It is time to get back to our family farmer and get rid of big Agra. Animals need AND DESERVE to live a happy life no matter what. I am disgusted and horrified. The cows go through the same thing. I am not a vegetarian and I mostly eat eggs and pasta and the fruits and veggies but I do eat a burger at times and bacon. All animals no matter what they are raised for deserve to be happy and fed well (no GMO!) and treated well.while on this earth. I try to eat very little meat/chicken because of the antibiotic and the hormones. Shame on this company and anyone who is doing this or allows this type of treatment or this type of facility!