Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ret. Army General Makes Bombshell Claim About Iran

BREAKING: Ret. Army General Makes Bombshell Claim About Iran Nukes…"We Were Wrong About Everything!"


'president' Barack Obama and 'secretary of state' John Kerry seemingly bent over backward to reach an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, ostensibly to prevent the rogue nation from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

However, the nuclear deal may be too little, too late, as one retired Army general recently made the bombshell claim that Iran was already in possession of at least one nuclear weapon.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely recently declared the Iran nuclear deal to be a “moot point,” thanks in large part to Russia and North Korea.

Citing decades of intelligence reports that he has been privy to, Vallely proclaimed: “They have the launch systems. They have the guidance-control system. They have the detonation system. They have the warhead. And guess what? Russia and North Korea’s tested everything for them.”

“All they have to do is put it together like a tinker toy — and that’s why they have the nuclear capability now,” Vallely said, adding that the only reason Iran went through the charade of reaching an agreement was to have sanctions lifted and to receive roughly $150 billion in unfrozen assets.

Vallely is one of the nearly 200 retired generals and admirals who recently sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to oppose the deal with Iran.

“I know what’s going to happen,” Vallely said. “They’re going to continue to target Israel, launch an attack — and then launch an attack against the United States, because we are their enemies.”

According to Newsmax, the general concluded that the Iran deal worked out by Obama and Kerry should be considered treasonous, as it literally fits the definition of aiding and abetting a known enemy of the United States.

If what Gen. Vallely says is true, the entire world has been taken for suckers by both Iran and Obama, and both should be denounced and the deal rejected out of hand due to misrepresentation of the facts.

But we won’t hold our breath waiting for Congress to stand up and do its job, which is to protect and defend the United States by impeaching a treasonous president who is providing material aid and comfort to the enemy.


Seeker said...

Paul valley is a real evil guy & known satanist. This is such a pack of lies.

Anonymous said...

You got that right, seeker. If Iran had a nuke, they would have incinerated Israel already. Every time I hear ' Bombshell ' used, it's usually attention getting bullshit. Again, Iran has not attacked another country for 200 years. Why post this shit, Olive Oyl ? You mean you can't tell this is crap ? Did you train with the goofballs at Snopes ? This web site is loosing it again. blueray

Anonymous said...

Totaly lies, Iran is a good player for all the world, that is treatening the Cabale plan by seperate them from black gold, FREE ENERGY TO ALL, take a look at Keishe Fundation our Nicholas Thesla's follower. Stay away from fear porn spreaders that will try to keep this Planet in Global conflict for another century

Anonymous said...

First of all, CONgress, nothing more then a board of self serving spineless coward puppets that are only there to protect the corporation, their pay check and their illusional reputation of power and respectability.

" As long as we have politicians, there will always be suffering, misery, death and wars."

We have all been duped and dumbed down for generations and it's just all business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Didn't Iraq attack our embassy when Carter was in office and Reagan got our diplomats, et al freed? And weren't they at war with Iraq, their neighbor, not too many years ago? What/who are you? Someone from Iran?

And Seeker at 10:33.....Valley a satanist? Where did you get this information? Were you at a satanic meeting or see a conjured up membership list? If you are "opposed" to satan and his ways, you need to remember the commandment that says "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would like to wash all of your 'military' mouths out with soap !!
The more bitter, the better.

NONE of you 'MEN' have the brains or the balls to speak the truth.

It has been my understanding that Iran wanted to provide
'free' energy technology to, and for their people.

But if it became known that they had the technology and were using it, it would threaten
'utility' companies everywhere, that charge 'us' exorbitant fees for profit.

Who owns everything ?, the usual suspects...

A story buried in history, tells of an adolescent George H.W. Bush, 'nosing'
around Nikola Tesla's work space and allegedly stealing notes or things
he might have patented.
In addition, GHWB was such a nuisance, that the authors of the
children's books titled 'Curious George', capitalized on the theme of his nuisance to Tesla,
based on their knowledge of the people involved at the time.
Research Bush's dad's affiliation with Tesla, which nazi killed him/how and why etc.

It should be, more widely remembered, that Tesla wanted humanity
to have free energy, after demonstrating it at the World's Fair in Chicago 1893.
It was the first all electric 'powered' fair.

But JP Morgan, said to him, 'How do 'we' charge for this?'

Tesla told him it wouldn't be necessary 'to charge' for it because the technology would
be harnessing the earth's natural energy field.

All these years of holding Iran's wealth hostage, blackmailing, and maligning
them into 'submission', is not the nature of true 'diplomacy'.

And who do you 'knights' think you're kidding ?

Discretely disclosed in an '1829 newspaper article,
(Niles Weekly Register - November 28, 1829 - Hezekiah Niles)
found @

To the point; you neo-cons need to switch sides,
get on the side of humanity,
stop 'brown-nosing' the Rothschild/Vatican world view
and telling LIES to cover their asses and yours.
They are synonymous with Israel, and 'use' you
and our innocent military to keep them propped up.

This is sick madness, and YOU know it !!

You people are no longer fashionable in your present state,
and they will surely dispense with you also when
they're finished with you.
What makes you think they won't ?

Why not cut your losses now
and start saying and doing the right things ?

They are as good as done,
what can you gain after that ??