Friday, August 28, 2015

Islamo Fascism and Jihad Caliphate








I was amazed that the New York Times actually printed this article accurately portraying sexual slavery in the Koran and Muhammad traded in women!

There was an effort to try and diffuse the Koran by comparing it with slavery in the Bible which was nothing like that found in the Koran.

Down through the centuries Muslims practiced slave trade and traded women as sex slaves. The Muslims still have slave trade today in the Sudan and other African countries. They still have the sex slave trade.  

This article really shows the horrors of real Islam as described in the Koran. I must warn that this article is a difficult read, but after reading it you will never retreat from standing against Islam.
“Cole Bunzel, a scholar of Islamic theology at Princeton University, disagrees pointing to the numerous references to the phrase “Those your right hand possesses” in the Quran, which for centuries has been interpreted to mean female slaves.
He also points to the corpus of Islamic jurisprudence which continues into the modern era and which he says includes detailed rules for the treatment of slaves.
“There is a great deal of scripture that sanctions slavery,” said Mr. Bunzel, the author of a research paper published by the Brookings Institution on the ideology of the Islamic State.
“You can argue that it is no longer relevant and has fallen into abeyance.
ISIS would argue that these institutions need to be revived, because that is what the Prophet and his companions did.”

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