Saturday, August 29, 2015

A series of short videos of things you may already know... and MAY NOT KNOW.<< please watch- listen- share- post

A short series of videos of things you may
already know... and MAY NOT KNOW.
This is also a "reminder", and a "warning"

David Vose feels like many of us do....
He does not give up !
He is also appealing to ANYONE who can
help fix this problem BEFORE we will no longer
have the ability to do ANYTHING about ANYTHING !

"at least take the time to listen
and see if that still small voice
buried somewhere in you,comes
forth with ideas,help or can lead
us to who can actually
DO something.!


Closed WALMART's are Military Distribution Centers

- What is Going On?



Published on Aug 13, 2015
The U S Elections were canceled a long time ago, This Video documents
how the entire election process is a fraud and that there is actually no
The Nominees of each party are simply selected by Elite Bankers.
This must get out to the world and someone with any influences must
stop this fraud and expose this to the world now. Before it is too late.


World Collapse NOW -

Do you even know whats going ON 8/4/2015

Published on Aug 4, 2015
Right now in the World China's economy is collapsing, Venezuela, Russia,
Ukraine, Greece, and others, are also, the U S is not far behind. There are
riots taking place in many cities and civil disruptions and panic. There are
Food shortages that are threatening many lives. But we watch the news,
and none of this is being told to us, we get bits and pieces. You will not
know we are in total collapse until you wake up one morning and cannot
access your bank account.
They have this planned and we need to wake up now.

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Anonymous said...

Opinion part 1
A tale of two cities.
It was the best of times.
It was the worst of times.

Think about that. Now suppose the city has one name, but to two people it's actually two cities.
One experiences the city as the best of times.
One experiences the city as the worst of times.

Both have their point of view of the cities and their position within them.

Take those two cities and do this. Name them United States, hey, you can add 'of America' or 'for America' if you like.
Now imagine two people are in that city called, United States.
One is a citizen
One is not.

The citizen sees the city as, it was the worst of times.
The city is using stores within it to supply their military for a fight that the citizen thinks has to do with him/her.
The citizen goes to vote and is made their vote doesn't count, even though they 'believe' it does or should.
The representatives never say they represent the people, but the citizen gets mad a a representative who ALWAYS makes decisions that are NOT in the citizen's interest, but the citizen believes the representative, represents him/her, or should.
For this citizen, it is the worst of times.
If someone in the United States were to grab this citizen and take him to a building, fingerprint him like cattle, and take his photo, and tell him to pay to go home, the citizen will sign all documents, and hit their family up to pay for them to go home, and then go home and complain about how he/she was treated like someone's property.
The citizen will pledge allegiance to a flag, and the people that know this is stupid, laugh in the back rooms, and the citizen gets mad when the pres-id-ent doesn't make the same pledge to a flag, or doesn't put his hand over his heart in an oath to allegiance to an inanimate object. The citizen gets made because they want to make it seem like the people who fought for what the flag stood for in their minds, may have fought for nothing.
No one can decide why someone fights and no one can say anyone fought for nothing or their death meant nothing just because someone exposes that the flag is not what people should pledge allegiance to, while claiming to worship a deity, or calling themselves some believer of some religion.
The citizen watches t.v., and if you engage him in a conversation, you will hear him repeat the news of the day, whether it is a drought (whoa is me), or a disease (oh poor me), or some economic crisis (help me).
It was the worst of times.

Anonymous said...

Opinion part 2
It was the best of times.
The other One decided to stand on their own, know who they are and take their power.
That one decided not to be a citizen to anyone, not to pledge oaths to inanimate objects and not to listen to or believe the nonsense spewed to draw his/her energy into areas of discontent and helplessness.
If grabbed by the people and taken to a place and fingerprinted and tagged and told to pay to leave, they do not play. They do not sign, they do not agree, they do not recognize these people as anyone who had any right to do what was done. When they are eventually allowed to be free, and they are freed without paying or signing a thing {no one knows the time or place}, they go about their life in free movement. When a show of authority writes a debt, they send it back. When the debt is on their credit report, they dispute it, they pull those people into the system they created and make them answer for what they do. The man who wrote the debt, his department must be managed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as debt collectors, and let them explain where the contract is for them to stop you on the road and create the debt, you have no contract with them, you do not play their game. No you are not a citizen of their United States, you are a non citizen of their United States.
It is the best of times. Everything tearing apart in their city does not affect you.
Citizens are being laid off, but non citizens are being hired. It was the best of times.
Citizens are upset at their purported representatives, but the one who is not a citizen is not upset because they are NOT represented.

There are two types of people living here.
There may be two lists.
When it comes time to separate the wheat from the chaff, it may be the people who are outside the system will not have to deal with the chaos within the system.
In Schlindler's List, the movie, the people were asked for their papers.
In the movie there were people who had no papers and they were shuffled away.
The rest of the movie is what happened to the people who pushed their way toward the authority to show they belonged, they had their papers, they were citizens, they were represented.

You walk your walk, and no matter what anyone says, what happens to you is based on the road you chose.
Bix Weir always says, may you choose the right road. Lindsey Williams said know what you are preparing for.
It's a tale of two cities.
It was the best of times.
It was the worst of times.

Opinions are protected speech, watch for those who has issue with the use of a right but claims to want their rights.