Saturday, August 29, 2015

2nd LETTER FROM THE ELITE in respone to a letter from a sheep

You make me laugh. You're a disorganized awake, a do nothing awake (as if awake means ANYTHING). There's always been a percentage that are awake. You make it sound like THAT means something. It's the doing that counts, and we use you to rule you. Don't you get it. We use part of our herd to keep the herd in line.

If you actually ever DO ANYTHING beside envision, our warrior cows (certainly NOT US) will continue to do the dirty work, as always, for reward, just like the main herd.

No vision? That's what we do ENVISION, and then we use the brightest among our herd to do the actual work. Think of us as CEO's and you the worker ants.

It ain't Christmas, and Ralphie rising up is in your imagination. As to Christmas, you make me laugh. We invented it to keep you in line, keep you seeking imagined rewards after we use you up and throw you away.

Just keep creatively imagining and manifesting. THAT TO is OUR ploy. WE DO, you imagine. Works great for us. Hey, why don't you imagine winning the lottery as a test. Or imagine we aren't fracking you to death. Or imagine, creatively of course, that someone's coming to save you. Oh...we created that for you too. Keeps you thinking you're in the drivers seat. God, the ignorance is astounding, but then, that's our goal, and it so works so much better than we could ever have hoped for.

DECLARE? REALLY!? SERIOUSLY? DECLARE!! Well, I declare, and then actually get folks to do something. Declare away, imagine away, focus away, envision it, focus now, go, go, go, and see where all that hocus pocus gets you. I love it.

Your dreams are your hope, and you're hopeless.

SERIOUSLY. Yes, now you got it, part of it, think, imagine, dream, envision, awaken, and then watch a little more TV and have Twinkie. Pathetic. Oh yes, and we gave you the key, But you lost it: Faith without works is dead, dead, dead. So believe, have faith, dream and envision, and then roll over and have nice nap.

We INVENTED visualization. We told you that's all you have to do, is visualize your heaven on earth, and that's enough, that's all, don't do more. Just do that, And everything will be fine. Thank you for not doing more than just visualizing, talking, writing, and writing and writing. How dumb.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bottom runger to me.Judging by the grammatical errors,this "elite" needs to go back to prep school for more

Anonymous said...

The Order of the Eagles is coming.

Anonymous said...

As the moron keeps talking just remember when we decide we've had enough it will only take two days to eliminate all of them that have declared themselves our controllers.

I can see they have done a good job of brain washing this person. In the end this person is also expendable and would meet the same fate that's planned for us so called useless eaters.

I would declare at this time that we are the producers and they are the useless eaters. What are they really good for? Nothing but B.S. from this person. Well they might make a good meal for the reptilians. When there is nothing else around to eat why not go Elite. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

Your ranks are decreasing in number everyday and when the arrest start worldwide soon, your ranks will dwindle to nothing as you are nothing.

Anonymous said...

Did this rant come right out of your 'satanist'
'How To Torture Manual' ??

The 'soul' lives forever,
so if your arrogant ass doesn't get kicked
in this dimension, there's always the next
one to wipe that smirk off your face...

Think about it,
no one is obligated to
give you 'quarter'.

Anonymous said...

Love that Ken T, "When there is nothing else around to eat why not go Elite"

Freewill said...

"When there is nothing else around to eat why not go Elite"
Now that is a great slogan!