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Reports Of SNAP EBT Problems Nationwide



Aug 29 2015
Stefan Stanford 
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Reports to Down Detector about SNAP EBT cards not working began coming in at a furious pace on Friday across the nation. From Virginia to Iowa to Alabama to Minnesota to New Mexico to Missouri to Idaho, reports of non-received payments to 'can't purchase anything on it' came flooding in as seen in the screenshot comments below. One commenter warned back: 'LOL!!! You SHEEP haven't seen anything yet...This is just a BETA test to see how you idiots will react. The REAL event is going to happen this September.' Investment Watch Blog is reporting upon this EBT 'glitch' as well.

91% of those reporting problems reported issues receiving payments while the other 9% reported website problems. While some might try to dismiss these issues as 'technical glitches', all we need to do is look at another story from yesterday Daily Mail to learn that HSBC also blamed a 'glitch' for the fact that up to 275,000 people were not paid 'hundreds of millions of dollars' with a bank holiday on Monday, effectively ruining the weekends of hundreds of thousands, some of whom were asking how they were going to eat this weekend.

Were yesterday's 'glitches' that brought down HSBC and caused SNAP/EBT card problems for countless Americans a BETA test as suggested by the 1st comment below?  

What would happen suddenly if millions and millions of Americans across the country were no longer able to have access to the most basic necessities - hygenics articles, toilet paper, food, water, medical supplies - because of the catastrophic failure of our computer systems, a major nationwide 'glitch'?

As we warned yesterday, America is very close to a catastrophic failure of our healthcare   syste
Reports Of SNAP EBT Problems Nationwide - Did We Just See Another BETA Test Leading Up To A September Event? ms; courageous men and women across the country who have served America are unable to get medical care; hundreds of thousands of US Veterans have died as a result of it.

With reports of a 'major event' now just weeks away that will change the landscape of the world, is the weight of the entire system about to come crashing down upon itself, leaving those completely dependent upon it crushed? 

More below including the new X-22 Report with a warning from a British insider to 'start prepping'. 


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