Monday, August 31, 2015

To: Money history (real money that is) you never knew because it is so well hidden!

To: Money history (real money that is) you never knew because it is so well hidden!
Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Monday, 31-Aug-2015 13:07:04

Everywhere you look, there is a “genuine” and there is a “counterfeit”! History, medicine, law, religion, economy, science, energy, foods and even entertainment. They all have counterfeits and the list is endless.
Everywhere you look, there are “hosts” and there a “parasites”! I'm sure it is not hard for you to make up this list.
This is several years old data but in Germany, every day there were 1.1 billion Marks were spent on interest. To whose interest was/is this spent, you ask? One thing is certain. Not to the German people but by the German people.
It is most likely - because of diligent and thorow cover up - you never heard of “Silvio Gesell”. Especially if you are English speaking individual.
Silvio Gesell was a German born economist who lived not that long ago and came up with an economic system “free money” for everybody that almost changed the course of the entire human race for the better.
However, the tragic and painful fact is that the Gesellian economic form was successfully suppressed and almost completely eliminated from the face of the Earth by the Marxists of those days and today. You know who the Marxists are! Those who make you believe they are Jews but they are not. These are not my words, by the way! I had to be shown about this great deception.
If the Gesellian economic form would have been taken over the whole Earth, we all would live in paradise now. The never sleeping Marxists won by their devious, cunning tactics and mankind was given poverty not paradise by them. Poverty is one of the fruits of Marxism and the good natured but ignorant population of the day swallowed hook, line and sinker of this repulsive, despicable, unequal, brute counterfeit system that is so close to the genuine.
The Marxist and Gesell economic forms are like two railroad tracks running side by side. At least for a while that is, but by the time you realize you are on the wrong is too late. One is genuine (Gesell) the other is counterfeit (Marxist). You also have to realize, that a “good” counterfeit is very close to the original and almost impossible to tell the difference. Sort of like Tungsten gold, if you remember.
Oh, by the way, there was a reason why big Karl (Marx that is) never mentioned banking in his famous work “Das Capital”. He talked about everything under God's heaven EXCEPT banking. Not even the non-hidden, open form of banking!
At the moment, you are under a Marxist style monetary system, where you work FOR money. Because of this crime, money became your master (your god) and consequently, you became its slave.
Are you promoting and spreading the “gold standard” or some other kind of economic “reforms” other than “free money”?
If you do, you don't know what you are doing and your useless rulers love you for it!
How about you, K Hudes?
Aren't you a “whistle blower”?
How could you be a “whistle blower” about corruption when the ENTIRE money system is corrupt and counterfeit?
Is there another possibility about your “whistle blowing”?
Are you promoting the “gold standard”, the return of gold or “free money” for EVERYBODY?
What about the other “whistle blowers”?
What are you promoting?
Another version of the same old stinky status quo monetary system or “free money” for everybody?
Are you a traitor or benefactor of humanity?
Anybody who promotes other economic standards than the Gesellian “free money” for everybody, is either willingly or unwillingly ignorant and works for the demise, destruction of the entire human race, which is almost accomplished already by the Marxists. A parasite doesn't care if the host dies.
Money supposed to be given to everybody for FREE! I'm talking about the genuine money, not the counterfeit money that flooded the entire Earth.
You find some interesting video clips here about Silvio Gesell.
Rest assured readers! This topic about history and the hidden sides of banking are very dangereous and suppressed topics. It will attract more status quo agent's attention than any other topic. Save it, put it away, copy it, print it, give it to people so they'll know what is really going on in the banking field. Of course, what you read here is only a tiny portion of the banking scam you are victim of.
And yes, don't forget to curse everyone of those, their familes and family members who force their wills and volitions on you directly or indirectly by any means without your full, explicit and open consent.
In other words, don't let the "buck" stop at you because it will hurt if you let it stop. Pass it back to the sender where it came from! The meaning, the principle and purpose of chain letters are screeming to your face and tell you what to do but you think it is nonsense. Every contract (nothing happens without contract) MUST be advertised. It makes no difference where or how! As an example, the Fuggers advertised their contract with Martin Luther on the plaque that is still hanging on the wall of their family home.
Of course, don't forget! You read about these matters here in Rumormill. As its name indicates, there are only rumors here.  

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Anonymous said...

Before informing me of their most desperate plight,
naive loved ones allowed themselves
to be ravaged by wolves, hiding in sewers,
operating as financial LLC's,
#603K020 & #012553-(license expiration 12-31-15),
charging 109.36 % APR,
which for them amounts to $ 8.02 per day.

When I figure out the way to help them, I will.
However, these enthusiastic perpetrators only operate 'online'.

This is exactly what threatens the well being and peace of humanity.

Share this with loved ones, educate them so less will become
enslaved to a hopeless cycle.

I hope all 'business licenses' similar to these will not be renewed
in the future.

It seems to go against the 'natural laws' of
first, Do No Harm and second,
Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself...