Monday, June 27, 2016

BREAKING: ISIS Names U.S. Cities As Their Next Targets

AMERICA: You are being warned - are you prepared to take down these bastards with whatever it takes? They have declared WAR on America and bozo, the CIA and Clintons are backing them.

BREAKING: ISIS  Releases  Video  Naming  These  U.S.  Cities  As  Their  Next  Targets

In a video released by ISIS members over the weekend, the Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was praised, and new attacks were threatened against San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Larossa Abballa’s live footage from inside his victims’ home is also shown. Abballa’s June 13 attack just outside Paris involved killing a police station secretary and her husband in front of their 3-year-old son. Abballa was eventually shot and killed by police.

Also shown in the ISIS video is footage of parts of San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the California Street tower – the second tallest building in the city – as well as Las Vegas. PJ Media summarized the ISIS propaganda video:
One Bosnian jihadist and two Frenchmen — one bouncing a baby in his lap — praise Mateen and Abballa and call for similar attacks in the U.S. and Europe.
Only footage of aspirational attack locations in the United States is shown.
Shaky handheld camera footage of the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, appearing as if it was taken with a cell phone camera along the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. The camera shot pans up to one of the supports of the suspension bridge before focusing on the cars driving past.

              ISIS Video Screenshot
Video of the Las Vegas strip at night is shown; it appears to be the pedestrian bridge at the Bellagio, perhaps shot from the pedestrian bridge at Caesars Palace. 
A San Francisco neighborhood is shown as the Bosnian jihadist encourages attacks. The camera first flashes up Pine Street, panning up to the top of the 52-story 555 California Street tower in the financial district, which is the second-tallest building in the city.
 ISIS Video Screenshot
The camera then pans over to Powell Street, showing the vantage point of the photographer — a cable car ride. The cable car begins advancing up the hill before the video cuts back to the Bosnian jihadist.
The ISIS video was released the same day as an LGBT pride parade in San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

Yeah more fear porn! The one thing we do not get enough of is fear porn so please all of you naive Americans out there be afraid be very afraid of the Jihadist Muslims like ISIS created and sponsored by your friendly pals at the CIA. Just make sure you blame all Muslims and never figure out who are creating all these terrorist because it is the Muslims that are your enemy not the cabal pulling there strings and yours.

Freewill said...

Another porn lover!

Anonymous said...

When they find you while 'visiting' your neighborhood, don't call for help. Let ISIS greet you in their 'friendly' way and then you can decide if the alerts and warnings are 'fear porn' or not. IDIOT - ALWAYS someone like you making STUPID comments but, when posted, your comment let's the rest of us see just how stupid YOU really are.