Friday, June 24, 2016

They took their country back

UK voters took a brave stand yesterday. I could not be more proud to stand with them in their fight for freedom and independence.

Donald J Trump


Last night UK voters shocked the world.

I'm sure you saw the news, Friend. Voters in the United Kingdom chose to leave the flawed and failing European Union and reassert control over their borders, politics and economy, taking a brave stand for freedom and independence. It's been dubbed "Brexit" in the media.

These voters stood up for their nation – they put the United Kingdom first, and they took their country back.

With your help, we're going to do the exact same thing on Election Day 2016 here in the United States of America.

I am fighting to upend the failed Big Government status quo in Washington, so that Americans can start believing in the future of our country again. And if elected President of the United States, I will strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain.

Will you stand with me at this critical time?

Yesterday UK voters exercised their right to self-determination for all the world to see. And today, our friends across the Atlantic are looking forward to a return to greater freedom and a better future for their children and grandchildren.

Voters here face the same choice on Election Day.

Friend, the political elites didn't see this coming. Wall Street and the media didn’t have a clue. And they want to believe just as badly that we cannot win in November.

Let's send another shockwave around the world. Let's take back our country from the corrupt career politicians and put Americans first. Let’s re-declare our independence.

Please stand with me today to reclaim freedom from the corrupt Washington establishment and Make America Great Again.

Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump
Candidate for President of the United States

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