Friday, June 24, 2016

Important! Who shot gays in Orlando?!!

This false flag attack was mainly created to take weapons from American Patriots like members of the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY NATIONAL ORGANIZATION and mementos US National Militia.

Please, find below my opinion of how the criminals organized the Orlando’s false flag attack.

1. They organized for this purpose a group of mercenaries of a private military company G4S…”

2. The mass media disinformation created hysteria around Orlando’s shooting, threatening Americans that people who own weapons are potential danger for Americans and that the weapons must be confiscated from them.

3. Almost 100 of Democrats in Congress started a sit-down strike,refused to leave the House of Representatives’ meeting room, trying to get members of Congress to vote for the adoption of laws on gun control.

Please watch a short video below, in which Judge Napolitano (one of our wonderful American Patriots) discusses the shooting in Orlando and why the 2nd Amendment is a sacred right.

Judge Napolitano was right, saying that “The Gun Free Zone is Killing Zone!” 


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