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What Ambassador Chris Stevens Wrote In His Diary On September 11th

Look  What  Ambassador  Chris  Stevens  Wrote  In  His  Diary  On  September  11th

While taking questions from reporters after a press conference announcing that the House Select Committee on Benghazi had released its final report, South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed something exceptional about Ambassador Chris Stevens that was worth noting.

When a reporter asked Gowdy if, during his investigation, he was able to “get into” Steven’s mind regarding the American presence in Benghazi, Gowdy replied with an answer that summed up the definition of a hero.

Gowdy responded first by saying that he wanted to be clear that everyone understood how much Stevens loved the people of Lybia and, in particular, the people of Benghazi.

He went on to say that the heroism Stevens showed by going into Lybia as an envoy was a level of valor, heroism and commitment to this country that every American should know about.

Gowdy also said that when Stevens arrived in Libya on Sept. 10, he had no idea how bad things were regarding the state of security. He then encouraged the reporter (and everyone else) to read Stevens’ diary entry along with the email he sent to a British diplomat to get an idea of Stevens’ state of mind.

In short, Americans were not safe in Benghazi and the environment had deteriorated so much that security was the main thing on his mind, the congressman said.

Gowdy painted a portrait of a man who valiantly put the lives and safety of others before his own.

Watch Gowdy’s press conference below, with the relevant remarks regarding Stevens’ state of mind just after the 44:00 mark:

Trey Gowdy Benghazi Report FULL 
Press Conference 6/28/16
House Select Committee

Published on Jun 28, 2016
Trey Gowdy holds press conference on new benghazi report june 28 2016. House Select Committee on Benghazi Report Members of the House Select Committee on Benghazi held a news conference to release their report on the September 2012 on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans died including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) refused on Tuesday to accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of lying about the 2012 tt atck on a U.S. diplomatic post in. After spending a reported $7 million dollars investigating the Benghazi atks, House Republicans released their report this week, but it found no new evidence of wrongdoing by the former secretary of state. At a press conference on Tuesday, reporters pointed out that Gowdy’s committee had fueled attacks on Clinton for months. “There are bumper stickers and T-shirts all over this country that say, ‘Hillary Clinton lied, people died,'” one reporter noted during Gowdy’s press conference. “Is that true?” “You don’t see that T-shirt on me and you’ve never seen that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles and you’ve never heard me comment on that,” Gowdy insisted. “I’m asking you to read [the report]. I’m not going to tell you what to be on the lookout for. I’m going to tell you there’s new information.” “And it fundamentally changes the way that I view what happened before, during and after,” he added. “I actually trust you to read the report for yourself and draw your own conclusions.” “But you are the expert,” another reporter interrupted. “What do you think? Do you think she lied?” “I’m not going to assign — that, that’s a word you couldn’t use in a courtroom,” Gowdy stuttered in response. “It’s just in [Clinton’s] public statements to us, there was less definitiveness. So, you’re going to have to decide for yourself.” Trey Gowdy (R.- SC) and his committee members addressed the media about the 800-page findings. Although Chairman Gowdy and his fellow GOP members have repeatedly noted that this purpose of their investigation was not about the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Gowdy told MSNBC this morning, “We mention… Clinton’s name less times than the Democrats do” in their report), a reporter pressed the Chairman about a popular takeaway from the Benghazi events. “There are bumper stickers and tee-shirts all over this country that say ‘Hillary Clinton lied, people died’… is this true?” asked the reporter. “You don’t see that tee-shirt on me, and you don’t see that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles,” responded Gowdy succinctly. “And you’ve never heard me comment on that.” As he had done throughout the press conference, Gowdy repeatedly urged not only the gathered members of the press but also the American public to read the 800-page report for themselves. “I’m not gonna tell you what to be on the look out for. I’m gonna tell you there’s new information.” The panel found no new wrongdoing on the part of the former Secretary of State, who is the presumed nominee for the Democratic party in the 2016 Presidential race, though it slams the inadequate resources leading up to the 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead in Libya. This morning on CNN’s New Day, committee member Jim Jordan (R. – Ohio) said, “The overall report, it’s about the facts, what happened… [but we] thought it was important to ask the questions. Why were we still in Benghazi when almost every other country had left? Why did we stay in Benghazi when the security situation was so terrible, so dangerous? And why did the administration mislead us?”

There’s no doubt that Stevens loved his country as much as he loved liberty. He gave the ultimate sacrifice while attempting to secure that freedom for others — and that is a sacrifice you don’t see very often.

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