Thursday, June 30, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Obama is Being Sued!!



President Barack Obama’s administration is the most dishonest in history, and they were especially corrupt during the dangerous Iran deal.

State Department officials later admitted in media interviews that it was acceptable to lie to the media, for the sake of diplomacy.

Shockingly, when comments have been made about it, they was deleted from the official record as if it never existed! Now, a lawsuit has been filed to get to the truth!
It’s about time:
A telling exchange between Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki and Fox News reporter James Rosen during a December 2013 press briefing further proved the administration’s willingness to stretch the truth as a means of securing the Iran negotiations. When Rosen asked Psaki whether it was okay to lie to protect secret negotiations with Iran, Psaki suggested it is acceptable in the name of diplomacy.
Somehow, the video that captured that exchange disappeared. When asked to explain, the White House blamed it on a “glitch.”
Last month, the American Center for Law & Justice filed Freedom of Information Act requests to determine which White House officials gave the order to edit the exchange between Psaki and Rosen.
The deadline to reply has expired, so the ACLJ is filing a lawsuit.
“Our legal team is prepared to litigate this case in order to enforce the rule of law and shed light on this shameful cover-up,” said ACLJ President Jay Sekulow.
via Townhall

The hostile regime of Iran is being handed billions of dollars, thanks to American taxpayers. And yet the world is more unsafe than ever.

The dangerous Iran deal must be exposed, and now the Obama Administration is being held accountable for their lies.


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Well Good! Why doesn't somebody just put this sob in jail? Hurry up! Are you going to sue him for all of the money that him and his boy Michael the first first man has stolen from America and Americans?