Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Why Is MetLife Tanking in Tandem With Wall Street Banks?

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 30, 2016

Nothing would do more to obliterate the legacy of President Obama or the
credibility of Federal regulators than for another major U.S. insurer to need a
massive taxpayer bailout like AIG did in 2008 because of its exposure to Wall
Street mega banks.

But the trading action of [...]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'help me, the IRS took all my funds. I can't possibly resist.'

BALONEY!!!! The agents/actors and corrupt attorneys who feed them can only do something to U.S. Federal Citizens. Learn what a U.S. Federal Citizen is, because anyone who does not before time is up is in for a rude awakening. They can't do anything, even sending a letter of complaint, to an official state citizen.

There is no winning the game until you unravel the ultimate con, that is the legal name which asserts and proves the government has no authority over you. Does it look like all the British just woke up one day to a fascist bureaucracy and said, gee I wonder how I can please them today?

Or did they not tell them to go blow glass, and kick their ass right out of the parliament by informing them the treaty is canceled? Did the British not wake up and say, 'Well hell, they are all legal names anyway...So they have no more right to rule me than the pillsbury dough boy does!' since from the outside it sure appears they did awaken to that. That is how you win the game, that is the ONLY way you will ever win.

You do know that all of these numbskulls are Paid Actors, don't you? They should all be permanently hung like a pack of cowards, that's it. Take a word of larger spiritual wisdom. Choose to not play. If you choose to play and make the SSN# your master, you will be very happy with your cashless beast monitored lifestyle.

If you choose to tear up the SSN, burn it and not play, believe it or not if you look hard enough there are a lot of banks out there who will open you an account without any SSN# at all.

PS: Registered voters are Federal District Citizens....that is an unlucky designation.

Perhaps Trump's rally cry should be
'You want a winner, not another insider like Clinton. I'm a winner. I'm not here to fight for the underprivileged or the elite americans, I'm here to stand and fight for all americans!'

'That starts at home with your security, which is something I will fight for and never ignore. Clinton's been said to have leaked secrets vital to our national security. You can be assured that I will only fight for you, so we make america great again. I'm here to raise up all americans!'

'And let me tell you what I'm going to win next for all of you, I'm going to win the presidency of the united states. And together, we're going to make this country great again!'