Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Turkey airport attack - Hand grenades were thrown during the attack

Hand grenades were thrown during the attack

10 Dead, 40 injured As Explosions Rock Istanbul Airport

Turkey airport attack: 28 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk

50 Dead and climbing

A gun and bomb attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport has killed at least 50 people and injured 100 others, with reports that 3 Muslim suicide bombers connected to IS. The Muslim suicide bombers blew themselves up around many innocent civilians for maximum carnage and death in order to make their journey to paradise and 72 awaiting virgins a certainty. In the religion of Islam they are called shahid,  martyrs for their bloodthirsty god allah.  

ISLAM and suicide bomber goes hand and religious hand with Islam, always.


The globalist led media and every corrupt government refuse to identify the religion that motivates these evil and genocidal attacks. Once again, this is Muslim on Muslim killings in the name of allah. Infidels were also targeted at Istanbul’s  International Airport today, but Muslims are killing each other like never before in recent history. And yet we are lied to and told Islam is a religion of peace, and Israel is coerced into appeasing and surrendering to this evil which can’t even get along with themselves.

This ongoing cancerous  expansion of Islamic self destruction across the Muslim world is now infecting once stable Jordan and Turkey. To understand why Islamic countries are such a magnet for this self destruction read Ezekiel 35 and replace Mt. Seir with the new bloodthirsty death cult, Islam

Turkey, once a favored destination for international tourism is going down the toilet as we’ve seen happen to no longer functional ISLAMIC nation states; Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and the curse, it’s spreading. This is nothing other than the judgment of the Holy One of Israel against the evil, cult of bloodshed and death, for their hatred and wars against Israel.

They’re not lone wolves, they’re Islamic terrorists 

US president continues to warn us about the “lone wolf ” terrorist threat, and always leaves out the identifier of these lone wolf  terrorists. The corrupt Washington beltway gang use this term to protect the Middle Eastern countries that pay large sums of money (bribes) to corrupt politicians.

This has been well established with  Hillary Clinton and the Jihad Hussein Obama regime who will never use the correct term to identify 99.9% of all terrorists today, Muslim terrorists doing their religious jihad duties to kill the infidels found in the Koran. They are better identified as lone Islamic Wolves with murderous intent. 

As a public service I want to help identify the lone wolf terrorists who do not hide their plans or agenda and are easily allowed into the country by our lawless, evil and totally corrupt government.

Well, come on in.  You Muslim terrorists are very welcome to America. We will protect the religion that motivates you and just call you lone wolves.

If you need anything or if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Our dear leader Jihad Hussein Obama wants you to tell your Islamic terrorist friends............

‘The door is wide open for you, COME’


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Anonymous said...

Yea there seems to be some real head scratching moments on all this turk business. We have literally no reason to be allies. Trump has called for a freeze on trade with them.

With all this blowback I admit I wasn't too surprised at the airports getting hit by the same mercs who the turks are paying.


That guy Recep Erdogan is a real odd duck. He came to power, suddenly the largest Islamic caliphate ever seen is embraced by muslim clerics all over.
Also no one seems able to do anything to him since they all apologize when they grace his presence!

Right after he helps carry ISIS across the nile, suddenly the EU is fast tracking Turkey to be their biggest sponsor. He acts all nice and in the next seconds thousands of refugees are flooding to Greece and Holland.

Just who is this guy? I think we should be done with this crap. Answering these questions may save the lives of thousands since turks took control of part of Israel's council. Anyone who doesn't want to know what's going on here is endangering millions of lives.

Bravo to United Airlines for at least cutting flights to turkey!