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The claim by Edward Snowden that 'bin bin baby' is not buried in the deep blue sea after all, but rather is still alive and living in luxury in the Bahamas with his wife and sons is certainly believable.  He has risked his life to get truth out to Americans on a wide variety of issues.  An interesting picture comparison of  Osama Bin Laden, then and now (without a beard, moustache and turban), is included at the link below. 
Think about it . .
Why didn't the muslim world go into an insane rage and rampage (as they are so easily inclined to do) at the report that Obama had OBL killed?  Why didn't they demonstrate en masse worldwide with violence and go after Obama to kill him for supposedly killing one of their own -- someone as famous and highly revered in the muslim world as OBL?  Had Obama's Muslim Brotherhood employees, whom he hired to work with him in the White House, been given the truth beforehand to pass on to muslim leaders worldwide to prevent such a reaction?  The calm after the fact worldwide was incredibly deafening.  The news reported that even OBLs family questioned the veracity of the story put out by the Obama administration and asked for proof.  They never sought revenge or financial payback, either, to my knowledge.  To me that spoke volumes.
Another big give-away about OBLs supposed death by Obama and clan being a huge lie was the news that our military had him hurriedly buried at sea due to being muslim. The lie backfired on Obama when muslims objected to that scenario, saying it went against Islamic beliefs to handle a muslim's death that way.  Obama, a muslim, should have known better and tried to prevent that from happening, but apparently couldn't because those in cahoots with him couldn't come up with a better lie to replace it.
So why was Obama and clan in such a hurry to sink a casket at sea purporting to hold OBLs body?  Most likely because the whole story was a farce to begin with.  They were afraid they'd be caught red-handed in their lie if his casket were ever exhumed and contents (if any) examined.  So they came up with the 'burial at sea' scenario where no one could find the casket and open it to prove otherwise; though one man did try.  I don't doubt there was a ceremony and burial at sea, I just don't believe OBLs body was in it.
There are other official reports that OBL died many years before this.  Were all those 'death' reports lies to buy time and keep OBL alive and hidden from bounty hunters worldwide seeking millions of dollars in reward, while the CIA worked out a way to secretly reunite the family and hide them in the Bahamas?  The CIA is known for their ability to hide famous people and by now have, no doubt, perfected their methods.
After 09-11-01 a US official claimed OBL was dead and his body was being "kept on ice" for use at a later date.  That would indicate a pre-existing plan, whether or not OBL was truly dead or alive, but why?  Could Obama's future term in office have been the occasion for which OBLs body was purportedly being "kept on ice?"  Obama is "a communist groomed for the presidency," per Tom Fife, a computer engineer and physicist, who was witness to "a thrilling revelation in Moscow in 1992."  It was revealed at that time that a young black man in Russia was in training for a future role as President of the US.  Someone apparently believed it would give Obama, a muslim, an opportunity to give Americans a sense of justice and closure for the events of 09-11-01.  All this to make Obama look good in order to get him 're-elected' to a second term.  Sad to say, it worked. (certainly NOT without the customary FRAUD in the American 'voting' process)
This isn't the first time a huge lie was perpetrated on the American people.  For instance, the conspiracies surrounding JFK's death and who did it have not been settled to this day.  
Then there's Saddam Hussein's supposed death at the hands of Iraqi justice.  No one was allowed to see him be put to death.  Why?  To give the Iraqis and their leader some respect at his death?  Really?  The leader whose country *we *(the Bush cabal to obtain the spoils of war and the treasures of history) took to war and reduced to ruins, whom *we later purportedly pulled out of a hole in the ground, showing pictures thereafter for the whole world to view?
In addition, the characteristics of the man who played the role of Saddam during his court trial did not even match that of the real Saddam Hussein (the look-alike's teeth were discolored, narrow and crooked, whereas Saddam's were bright white, wide and straight; etc.).  Saddam was known to have many doubles (look-a-likes) working for him.  Apparently, those who used a Saddam look-alike for the court trials didn't want to unfairly put their innocent look-alike(s) to death, so the world wasn't given the opportunity to see final justice done re Saddam Hussein.
So where is the real Saddam?  Last news report I saw said he was living out his life with his two sons in the thick forests of Russia.  Hah!  Upon reflection, the CIA must be laughing their heads off at how gullible Americans are.  No wonder Hillary claims she can get away with things because, as she said, 'Americans aren't smart'.  If they 'vote' for her to be their 'president', they'll prove she's right.  ;)  [News report link follows below.]


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Anonymous said...

Previous cia connected report have it that Osama died shortly after 9/11 - which he had no involvement in. The year prior he was in some military hospital on dialysis for his kidney failure ( hardly a condtion treatable in caves ) and this lead to his death.
The 9/11 bombings of the 3 NYC building were planned and executed by Bush WH, Larry Silverstein (who leased the two 'white elephant' (financial loss) buildings, two months prior; and by Mossad. No Iraqis were ever involved. Israel goons wanted war. Bushs wanted the NESARA gold reserves in WTC Tower 1. Pentagon was bombed with a missle (hence the small hole and no airplane parts, until added later), to stop the NESARA announcement scheduled for that morning.
See CIA Asset Susan Lindauer 911 Truth on Youtube, and reports on Veterans Today. All else is Israeli controlled US BS.