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Hillary Clinton - Two Separate Ongoing FBI Investigations


June 23, 2016
Alexandra Bruce
Judge Napolitano joins Fox Business' Stuart Varney to discuss the two criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton being conducted now by two separate FBI units, one of which brought down General David Patraeus. 

The first unit is investigating potential breaches of National Security involving the infamous Internet server that Hillary kept in her house in Chappaqua, NY. 

Throughout her tenure as Secretary of State, she used private email accounts in her official communications instead of secure State Department accounts in violation of US Government policy. Thousands of her emails were retroactively marked as 'Classified'.

She breached her security clearance and violated the Federal laws regulating record-keeping, with her suspicious deletion of 31,000 emails from her home server, also raising questions as to why these were deleted. 

Hillary is facing the possibility of being charged with failure to protect National Security Secrets, among other charges. 

The second criminal FBI investigation involves "Public Corruption" relating to the Clinton Foundation itself. The allegations against her are that she used her position as Secretary of State to personally enrich herself and her husband by doing favors for foreign governments and receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation in return. According to some sources, Saudi Arabia is responsible for 20% of Hillary's campaign contributions. 

An extreme example of irregular activity (among many others) involves Bill Clinton's friend, Frank Giustra, a Canadian who asked Hillary for permission to own shares in a uranium mine in Utah. As Secretary of State, she had the power to grant this permission to a foreign national - which she did do.

Giustra turned around and sold 80% of his shares to Vladimir Putin. So now a Russian corporation owns the lion's share of a uranium mine on US soil - and that corporation is owned by the similarly-corrupt Vladimir Putin.

Now get this: Giustra subsequently contributed $145 million from the proceeds of the sale of his shares in the uranium mine to the Clinton Foundation. Records of this transaction would likely be on the Clinton server but in order to subpoena them, a Grand Jury would need to be summoned.

Napolitano notes that if a Grand Jury is sitting and issuing subpoenas, they have succeeded in keeping it totally quiet. This story managed to stay under the radar until Donald Trump mentioned it in his June 22nd speech in New York City in which he promised to discuss it further, to shine a light on Hillary's judgment, character and fitness (lack thereof of all three) to be President of the United States.

How could a Presidential candidate involve herself in a transaction like this, unless she was totally accustomed to skating past the law as a inveterate arch-criminal? There are many other irregularities with the Clinton Foundation, like monies donated to charities that didn't exist, monies missing, etc.

In a shocking mirror of scandals currently rocking the Brazilian government this is, as Napolitano puts it, "The intersection of law enforcement, politics and the Presidency, all at once!" (and money, too).

Is the corrupt mentality that Hillary exercised during her tenure as 
Secretary of State something that Americans would like to see continued with her as President?

What if charges are brought against her after elected President?

A lot has been said lately about the entrenched corruption of the Brazilian government - but the antics of the Clinton Foundation make those guys look like a bunch of pikers.  All of the kickbacks and bribery committed by the crooks in the Brazilian government put together cannot begin to equal the enormity of the corruption of the self-proclaimed Democratic Party nominee for President of the US. This is not because the corrupt Brazilian politicians are her moral superiors but because representatives of the Brazilian government don't have anything like the geopolitical influence to peddle, as did the former US Secretary of State.

Notice that I'm retracting a previous statement in which I referred to Hillary as the Democratic Party nominee. I was corrected by a subscriber who apprised me of the fact that ballots in the pivotal State of California are still being re-counted more than two weeks after that state's June 7 Primary Election, where there was massive evidence of vote fraud, as detailed here

The creator of that clip notes that, "The sheer mass of the election fraud that took place in California was staggering and is unlike anything we have seen in decades. It is estimated that 2 out of every 3 Bernie Sanders votes were not counted during the California primary election. We will explain in detail how the election was rigged and provide our sources."

As we've seen, vote fraud is just the tip of the iceberg in the vast criminal enterprise of the former Secretary of State, a hawkish Neocon who has stated that she is not against the tactic of "limited nuclear warfare". 

Among Hillary's advisers is Project for a New American Century (PNAC) Co-Founder, Robert Kagan, who espouses Perpetual War as the standard operating procedure for the US; to indefinitely impose its military power, seeking to dominate the world in a unipolar fashion. 
Hillary did her part to carry out this policy during her stint as Secretary of State and would undoubtedly continue along the same lines as President. This, at a time when this policy is no longer viable, to say nothing about desirable. 
Proponents of this policy recently passed a resolution which would enable the military draft of US women as the only way to maintain the "endless wars" of the past 15 years. As I've stated previously, it's my opinion that this Neocon tactic is primarily greed-driven war profiteering and disaster capitalism, utterly debased and devoid of human values, just like their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Video: (5 and a half mins):

Judge Napolitano ~ Most People Have Forgotten
There Are 2 Criminal FBI Investigations Of Clinton 

Jun 23, 2016 | Alexandra Bruce

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Anonymous said...

The countless democrats screaming they are going to investigate Hillary Clinton for election fraud, are truly hilarious to me....

Democrats are either totally dim or corrupt, one or the other is all I can reason.

Simply put, most of Clinton's friends are at the United Nations so having them involved in election fraud investigation.....Good luck with that!

It almost sounds like some kind of three-card monte play in which Sanders will join as Clinton's Vice President, thus covering up the "fraud" of the ballots and suddenly increasing their lead on Trump at the polls.

Come on, does anyone honestly think Sanders wouldn't do something like that.....Even if it was Sanders as president and Hillary as VP, I could see a deal like that easily