Saturday, June 25, 2016

Judge Jeanine Destroys Obama’s Reaction

Fox Nation Exclusive: 'You Are Not The King': Judge Jeanine Destroys Obama’s Reaction To SCOTUS Immigration Decision

Earlier today, President Obama reacted to the Supreme Court's decision to block his executive amnesty  actions.

Obama lamented the decision, claiming that "immigration should not scare us". "Immigration will keep us youthful and dynamic".

"Immigration will keep us poorer and weaker, replied Judge Jeanine Pirro in her rebuttal to the President's remarks. "Mr. President, have you looked at Europe lately? It's a mess!"

"This is not a dictatorship. You are not the king. You cannot decide what the laws are and you cannot decide to ignore the laws", said Pirro.

"It's about time you respected Americans, respected the law, respected the courts and stopped with this crazy 'I'm the King and I'm gonna let everybody in and America's gonna look different'."
Judge Jeannie Pirro reacts logically 
to Obama's last speech about immigrants 


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, Judge Jeanine is dead wrong!

since we have a provisional military government, the command-in-chief IS the supreme ruler ... in essence, the KING.

this is our only reality as long as the 'state of emergency' continues by way of Title 12 USC 95a & b, and Title 50 USC App. 5(b).

sorry Judge Jeanine, but a dictatorship is precisely what her kind of ignorance* has gotten us.

(ignorance --- as to "ignore" that which stares us in the face)

Anonymous said...

One thing she didn't point out is that Obummer is an illegal alien himself.

He is also operating under an alias to try to hide who he really is.

Just another little man that doesn't follow the law and believes that if he can get away with breaking the law then why not let other illegals that chooses to ignore the law as well. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

I love Judge Jeanine Pirro! She is a wonderful lady and is right on! Obama is probably one of those test tube babies as he has NO birth certificate. One of the Rockefellers is also a test tube baby with no real parents.

Anonymous said...

One problem here, we don't have Kings in America.

Second problem, this man or whatever he is couldn't command a cleaning crew.

That's why we are having the problems we are now as Obummer has never managed anything except to evade following our laws.