Monday, June 27, 2016

Former Muslim Exposes the plans of Radical Islam. Radical Islam is invad...

I uploaded and posted this video earlier and youtube censored it by changing it out with another video! Fixed!


Anonymous said...

Getting Muslims to immigrate from their country, where mostly males are leaving is like getting American males to leave the US.
Their own lands will be up for grabs because they abandoned their property. Once they have mostly left, and are in places that accept and reject them, when they try to go back there will be no where to go.
All the places they have been will not want them.
They are so radicalized you can spot them anywhere. Just pick the right time of the sun's position and they will be on their knees praying and easy to locate.
They have been tricked into being 'stateless'.
They haven't truly become citizens of where they are living, with all the rights to work and live and own property.
They right now are getting handouts and subsidies that will dry up.
When they try to take over after that, they are weakened because they are dispersed.
Facebook will spot them trying to gather together, and their mosques and other places to gather are already infiltrated.

The only thing people need to ask is what is the agenda to get us to hate them?
Their lands are right with old and precious metals, they have no need for because they didn't chase wealth like the west does, but west and other countries got them to leave of their free will.

They will move in like their lands are an abandoned home, set up shop and start digging and selling all their wealth in the earth.

When they find they have freedom of religion with the same restrictions that we set up on Christians before this plan is in place, they will find they can't worship in public places, can't force their religion on another, speaking anything religious in a school may get their child expelled, and if they open businesses, they'll have to make cakes for a Christian like a Christian has to make cakes for a same sex couple.

The thing is the hate. We have not begun to hate, so now they show more grotesque photos to get our emotional energy.
They lost our fear energy, it's the best, but hate is second best and they'll take that, because if there were a division of the souls, they have first dibs on all haters that are left behind.

Sort of like a group membership without actually applying by acting like a member of the group.

Many nations have been conquered by dispersing the people and getting the men to leave their land to fight in wars and going in and taking over unprotected lands.

We are paying attention to them moving out, and no one is covering who is moving in.
I bet there are some security forces, some corporations, some oil pipe lines, some heavy
digging machinery, and they are digging up those folks 'unobtainim' like the corporations
in the Avatar did, except unlike the movie, they got the men to migrate out on their own.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your continued support of the NWO. The NWO (New World Order) needs chaos to enact there globalist agenda. They need the populations of the world in a state of constant fear, so that when they come in to save us with there globalist agenda, and take our rights away for security we all not only allow these new laws to come into being we beg for them. Divide and conquer is there favorite weapon along with problem-reaction-solution.

Problem create an enemy to hate and fear, turn Christians against Muslims. To create this problem invade and destabilize as many Muslim countries as possible, while reaping Billions upon Billions in oil profits. The Muslim population then fleas allowing US interests to steal there oil and create a situation where Millions of displaced Muslims are fleeing for there lives.

Reaction to situation they just created "flee for your lives the evil Muslims are coming" (at our invitation to keep Europe and America in fear and Chaos). Now keep a steady stream of the main stream media showing that all Muslims are the same they are all coming to conquer and blow up buildings, and rape your women and children. If you can keep the people in fear it is easy to sell this lie. Muslims have about the same amount of extremists as Christians, both groups have been created to keep the world in chaos and fear for the globalist agenda.

Solution is coming like all globalists solutions it will not stop the chaos it was meant to create it will fight it with no results forever, like the war on drugs. The patriot act, NDAA, giving up your freedom are all parts of the solution fueled by people who fell for the sham and are doing the work of the NWO for them by hating on Muslims create a religious war since the last attempt at a race war failed, the war with gays failed the war with transgenders will fail pathetically but there greatest hope is a religious war will create the the circumstances they need to continue to try and do what all psychopathic globalists want to do "Try and take over the world."

There is a global spiritual war waging one side wants unlimited control and will get there through fear and hatred. The other side wants a world of freedom and personal responsibility, that can only be achieved through unity and love. Every action we all take is a part of this war if you promote hatred you have chosen your side, if you promote hate you are working for the other side.

I am not going to judge you for hating Muslims, if you choose to help the NWO that is your business, I just hope that you realize that in promoting hate you are working for the globalists and against a world that would have an idea like Nesara in it.

Anonymous said...

11:14 PM and 6:02 AM - Have lots of thoughts about your comments but, quite honestly even with all your overkill diatribe and arguments, I'm thinking you're a very mixed up individual and your comments are not worth taking time to respond to and CERTAINLY NOT ARGUING with. Your off center comments and argumentative spirit literally SCREAMS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this invaluable information!!

I absolutely agree about ISIS and the agenda they seek to install. It is absolutely INSIDIOUS there can be no doubt.

Also after being allied with the Saudis for decades why in the hell did they never get put on a Terrorist list?

And the most important of all - why have we since the start been allies with Turkey who wants to wipe out all national borders including Israel - and has since 1900 had an indescribable dictator leading them?
That the USA can even bother talking terrorism while being allies with the national Turkish sponsor of ISIS, is the biggest load of hypocrisy the world will ever know.

As evil as the Zionist nuts are they will never compare to ISIS, and I'd agree there is a general stunning lack of information about their follower's agenda.

Since they are who many are bound to end up facing.