Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Globalists Are In Deep Sh*t

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Anonymous said...

What Alex Jones said here proves that God is real. Every man is born with a moral compass and a conscience, and when he said he now goes with his gut instinct which he didn't do in his earlier years and was wrong when he went against his gut feeling. That there proves that God is God! God's not dead, he's still alive. Everyone from now on, should always go with their gut instinct, because that is God dealing with you and leading and guiding you. What's been taught for the past 60 years and more is telling you to go against what your gut instinct is, and it is false teaching! Everyone must quit using products with fluoride in it such as toothpaste, mouthwash, water, etc. because it calcifies your pineal gland and destroys your connection with God. As a matter of fact, everyone should demand that their municipalities and water systems stop putting fluoride in the water! Pepsi Company thinks they made a mistake when they stopped putting aspartame in their diet sodas. Well aspartame is a neurotoxin much like arsenic poison and it causes all kinds of sicknesses in your body, so you can't even move. It turns into wood alcohol/formaldehyde in the body. I sincerely believe that Pepsi has just cut their own throat by insisting on putting that trash back into their diet drinks. Good-bye Pepsi!