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Communist Tactics Aimed at Revolution

Student  Protests  Erupting  Across  the  Nation  are  Communist  Tactics  Aimed  at  Revolution

Written by Jim Bowman
April 26 2017
Upgrading The Terminology
Reminiscent of the turbulent sixties, student protest has now erupted in many locations nation wide following the Trump inauguration. To say that it has an organizational flavor would be an under statement.  So, what has managed to coordinate  this youthful fuss but, more importantly, how is it our curious nature continues to dismiss such a pressing question?

Sadly, don’t search the dailies or view the ad nauseam slate of news talk TV for answers.  And therein lies the problem.  Conspicuously lacking in this “age of information” is the lack thereof.  Not only has the unifier not been identified, the fact that its actual co-ordination has yet to be realized should amaze since it plays as a rerun of those organized communist efforts from the riotous sixties.

This youthful reaction is supposedly attributable to the recent Presidential inauguration.  However, apart from politics, other campus/societal uproars center upon historical events which are at odds with today’s revolving and creative, historical approaches.  As a result, this new age philosophy calls for a denouncing and replacing of our treasured past.  (Is it really true that Americans would prefer to live under the Nazi Clinton/ Obama satanic/marxist dictatorships with guaranteed extermination at the US FEMA camps as opposed to returning sanity and our Republic and common law to the nation's government?) 

After one hundred fifty years, all that was the Civil War must now be sterilized.  Our new-aged notions demand that what was must now answer to what should have been and what is deemed proper.  This rationale equates trashing portions of our American heritage and revising Constitutional mandates as a small price to pay when atoning for past injustices.

It seems as though all this hoopla is just that, nonsense, incited by ample doses of guilt, most likely emitted from that unmentioned quarter.   However, the injustices of the past have long since been remedied so that any talk of “reparations” is nothing more than scheming.  I’m sorry, but there is a disconnect between past injustices versus today’s success achieved by many; namely, Supreme Court Justice Thomas and neurosurgeon Ben Carson.  Bottom line:  government cannot issue or subsidize effort, desire or dedication. Efforts at erasing this perceived unpleasantness echoes the adage, “youth is wasted on the young,” which in part reasons why the effort is college-aged inspired.  

Without a sound understanding of history, as per an American perspective, students clamor for a complete redressing of facts, events and even our Constitutional structure.  Such are the actions of those who Lenin deemed as being “useful idiots.”  With all this revising, what will America look like, what will she stand for?  

Unfortunately, the media’s endless editorializing will never feature such an appropriate piece.

While this charge against Americanism has become the rage of the day, its origins, inspiration or motives are never considered.  Or more precisely, given this re-editing of history, this placing of politically correct reigns upon our free speech, and this ongoing defiance of a duly elected president, what entity continues unaffected from all of this emotionally driven discord?

Other than back in the McCarthy era, when was the last time the word “communism” was mentioned, even from a curious aspect?  Aside from our major effort against that ideology in Vietnam, domestically, how long ago was this subject addressed?

From Inauguration Day forward all that has occurred in the realm of protest and disorder are clearly communist tactics aimed at revolution.  Yet, not one media pundit has found reason to compare our recent street turmoil to those of communism’s Red Square actions.

Instead of investigating the cause and effects of such lawlessness, our media led society dwells upon the purification of America’s history.  Quite a safe and pleasant refrain compared to the more physical street efforts.  Especially so when the tentacles of communism are marched in full view, when waving banners proclaiming its communist affiliations.  This connection should eliminate any doubt that what is taking place is indeed revolutionary in its purpose.  Still, who dares to utter a media word?  (And who is paying the bill to pay these idiot young people to risk their life and limbs, not to mention the nation, to demonstrate like spoiled brats to get their way, ungrateful for the benefits provided by the people of this nation).

Even the recent and very informative piece by Daniel Greenfield entitled The Civil War Is Here skirts the word “communism” or “communist.”  It does, however, label what has taken place, not in the streets but in government as being outright “treason.”  Mr. Greenfield so accurately writes, “But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience; it’s treason.”  (And thereby teach the young people it's meaning as well. They are too young, uninformed and  uneducated to understand what they are asking/demonstrating for.)

The picture presented here is of revolution.  On the streets and in our governing chambers, the stance is exactly the same; disrupt, disorganize, discredit and obstruct, whether it be community or Congress.  

Now when combining that with the total fraud which appears daily on our front pages and in our homes nightly, this never-ending package of upheaval should alarm and frighten.

Remember as 'president' (of a crime syndicate - NOT the REAL government of this nation), for years Obama refused to definitively name the enemy as being “radical Islamic terrorism?”  When the media shuns from referencing the “C” word, it’s just following Obama’s proven example!

Our consideration of media integrity has already bottomed out.  Its one-sided coverage of the recent campaign season eclipsed anything Russia might have attempted.  So, if what is taking place in our streets is not properly addressed with accurate media terminology, then along with its inciting prose, their biased, false and misleading commentary, a treasonous rendering should be added to its deteriorated mix.

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