Saturday, April 22, 2017

Governments are moving underground

Governments are moving underground
Something strange in Antarctica
Chemtrails light up the sky

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Anonymous said...

COOL... I live off the grid with no television but i do have wifi interweb and do watch a lot of these type of videos. I usually cant watch more then 1 minute though. I finished this one!

This video, the slow speaking, the level of education within and the quantative reasoning versus opinion makes this video and the presentation ROCK... MUST WATCH!


1) The elite bunkers... We have a MOAB for them!

2) Video around last year about underground tunnel in S. Dakota got infiltrated by lava from yellowstone and thats how far the lava has moved as of then, where's it now!

3) Anartica ice shelf... f-it, let the thing break and give my Washington mountain homesite an oceanic front spreading all the way to the great salt lakes of Utah.

4) Niburu... Human Beings have Eternal life, choose "Jesus" and don't worry about that thing hitting us! You'll live through it.

5) With an understanding of KESHE SCIENCE (not in this video) then magnetically Niburu should never hit us because like two oposing magnets, it just doesn't attract as they're polar opposites...but falling debris, raining rocks, crazy weather, volcano eruptions and the like is currently happenining. How bad is it going to get?

"THEY" can't really "Disclose" as a timeline of doomsday MONTH, because of the fact that mass pandemia would happen and some people might riot,war, lute, rape, pillage and what not instead of just believing in their interpersonal faith.

So what do we do? Say nothing and let people like you and I figure it out on our own so we're prepared within our own minds... NO BIG DEAL, WE'RE ALL SAVED IN ONE MANS OPINION AND WE'RE ALL SCREWED IN ANOTHER'S.