Monday, April 24, 2017

Trey Gowdy’s Missing Investigators Found!

The two investigators who went missing after traveling to Arkansas have been found in a shallow grave in a wooded area more than 100 miles from where their truck was found. The two men, deputized agents of the federal government, were interrogated, tortured, covered with garbage bags and buried while still breathing, according to the local medical examiner.

The site was discovered after a local hiker saw a skull that an animal had most likely dug up and left on top of the grave. The surface was also scratched away, revealing some of the green Hefty bags.

Their bodies are being moved to Quantico for follow-up autopsies. The nature of their mission to Arkansas is still considered classified, but a spokeswoman for Congressman Gowdy said that they were headed to the Clinton Presidential library with a warrant to search the residence attached to it.

Since the men seem to have been abducted and killed before reaching their destination, there is no physical evidence tying them to the Clintons. While the US Attorney has fallen short on probable cause to even question the power couple about their involvement, a new warrant to search the Clinton Library was issued and served.

Of course, with so much warning since the men went missing, any evidence would have most likely been moved or destroyed. The Clintons have once again dodged a bullet by adding two more bodies to their count.


Anonymous said...

OMG - soooo sorry to learn this. Seems the Clintons' reach has no end. How much more will our justice system allow the Clintons to do before the Clintons have done enough to be horizontalized permanently?

Anonymous said...

Uh, no- there were no investigators who went missing. That was a bogus story. Just more BS on this channel.

Anonymous said...

Uh, REALLY Anon 12:31 AM??? Well, how about the following sources: ; ; ; ; ; - just for starters?

790 said...

Rest assured if there is a hell, Hillery Clinton is booked on a one way trip, first class seat! Her and that retard Bill will be burning forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

This should be investigated also