Friday, April 21, 2017

Let's Send Them a Bill, Shall We?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have just been told a most amazing thing. Nobody has sent the Queen of England a bill for anything the British Government has cost us since 1756.

There have been no end of bills addressed to us, for services they claim to have rendered---- but not a single one in return.

There has been no billing for American lives lost, American natural resources expended, American labor invested in all the bloody wars and mercenary conflicts that the British Monarchs and the British Crown and the Popes have foisted off on us for two-hundred plus years in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.

What do you say that we total it all up and send our bill to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London?

There's just one problem. How much is the life of a man worth? They tell me that a cadaver is worth $11.4 million in today's market, but a living man is so much more than the sum of his parts.....

How do you ever calculate that loss? I say that the loss of even one life is more than anyone can repay.

 I say there is no currency for that. So all these grand princes and potentates, the Popes and Queens and the Heads of State --- are in reality, all bankrupt, unable to meet their debts by any means.

Perhaps that is why no American bills have ever been sent. The ridiculousness of trying to put a value on what is beyond value must have plagued generations of accountants. They must have sat here as I have this afternoon, and left the calculation to God.


Anonymous said...

Geesh Anna,
I'm going to be called an idiot again for not thinking like the rest of these people.

But Anna how are you going to post that people should bill someone for a life?

If someone sent you a bill because their grandpa died, wouldn't you have a USPS claim for mail fraud and and FBI, oh, you like to use Interpol,
an Interpol investigation for extortion.

The only thing these people know is who they voted for.
If they send them a bill, they better damn well show them where in the code or voting regulations these people agreed to be billed for whatever it is the claim.

All these fake claims of Soros or O or Trump without first hand knowledge just puts these people on a list to FEMA.

and most people have never studied clouds.
There are all types of clouds and if studied you'd find some are referred to as a 'species' as of they are a form of life or a identified group.

But every damn cloud in the sky is called a chemtrail even when some have a greater purpose.

So you want people to get into international terrorism or something claiming the Queen should have kept their relative alive or something.

Half these christians do not believe in everlasting life, and makes you wonder why they jump on the religion.

Other religions don't fear their death nor their judgment.

But you find an entire religion demanding the drugs from a man, to keep them alive. They demand a man give them the access to a man to take care of their body and keep it animated for all eternity.

Well hell, they can spray you with or feed you or let you drink nanobots and it will cure your ailments and you'll never die. In perpetuity you can watch wars and pedophilia and satanic rituals to your hearts desire from a FEMA camp because you 'followed' Anna.

When I check out of this hell hole, I am NOT coming back.
The rest of you can hang on waiting for your savior if you want, but I'm certain for the suffering of the days when HE was here, he still did't interfere.

They still went to their church and still followed their leaders and wanted HIM to get them out of the mess they put their selves in.

HE was smart enough to leave, and the rest of you don't want to leave, you ant to hang on and watch more suffering and bicker about it but to stay until HE returns.

AND he's coming back, not cause it's on the internet, but because it's in a book.

Many will be deceived...or shall we say, already are.
There's jokes about people who were going to be rescued from a disaster but they stayed waiting on HIM to come save them.
Funny thing about jokes, you never know if they are about you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, send them a bill. It will have as much effect as your lien and all those papers filed with the Hague, I am sure.