Monday, April 24, 2017

You Got Trumped! Winning horse in presidential race was Trojan

It’s not easy, but April has presented a relentless string of evidence that …

You Got Trumped! Winning horse in presidential race was Trojan 

Has there ever been a bigger or worse April fools joke than the spectacle this month of Donald Trump revealing the manifold ways in which he fooled the multitudes? I sympathize with the many people who hoped for a shot at changing the corrupt political-industrial establishment as they feel their opportunity evaporate around them. Their hopes were the best hope this nation had, but the head-spinning transformation of Trump has turned stomachs to where some of Trump’s most ardent campaign supporters now publicly deem him Traitor Trump. The rest are simply hoping against hope that he is not. Everyone, conservative or liberal, is seriously starting to wonder what happened to Candidate Trump.
This is what April has consistently revealed: If you voted for the Donald because you wanted to end America’s endless wars for regime change and failed attempts at nation building, you got Trumped. If you thought Hillary’s red reset button with Russia was a disaster and so you voted for the orange reset button as a path to peace with Russia, you got Trumped. If you voted for the Tweeter in Chief because he promised to get tough on trade with China, you got Trumped. If you voted for Trump in order to thump Fed Head Janet Yellen; she doesn’t get thumped, but you got Trumped….


Freewill said...

I put this article up because it doesn't matter who the CEO is, a corporation is a corporation and even the corporate UNITED STATES has a board of directors who dictate what goes on. A president/CEO is just a mouthpiece for the board of directors/congress.

If you people really want to end the B.S. then there is only two solutions. One involves the sword and the others involve the pen. Anna Von Reitz has been on the ball with what must be done as a peaceful solution by reseating the county and state assemblies. Once enough of the county and state assemblies are reseated, we can oversee each and every office that at this time has corporate actors occupying them. As time goes on, the offices will merge into complete DeJure.

790 said...

Donald Trump is a real guy. He's been compromised but that's part of the game. I havent given up on the good guys!

Anonymous said...

Insult to injury. This emperor (CEO President Trump of a Latin Roman foreign corporate entity based in Washington DC) has no clothes, never had any to begin with. For promoting the insult and fraud of not covering his nakedness his whole amoral, corrupt and depraved court should be charged and fired. Furthermore American voters were also drawn in to believe that this time a new king would serve their best interests and not lie to them.

Until we learn to rule ourselves this sad tale will repeat over and over again.

Anonymous said...

People will reseat those counties and still be registered with the corporation to vote.

Doing the insanity.

This time.
No maybe this time.
Well if I'd voted for this and not that then maybe.

The only way to get rid of a government you don't want is to not vote for anyone in the government.

If everyone unregistered, which of course would not happen, but if everyone who didn't like this government unregistered, pretty soon the majority of the people would not be registered for who was elected, and they'd have no power because the majority did not select them anyway.

This election was their chance.

The choice was not two choices, it was three.

the third choice was non participation.
You should have no God before you.

What does a God do?

You folks are watching this carrot and stick, and when I phase out of this existence which is obviously containing Trump and a bunch of people afraid to not belong to any registration; it'll be the beginning of my happiness.

Registration, from the moment you registered you are listed.
The registration expires but always exist. Even a driver's license expires but always exist.

You have to unregister at the county voters registration office.
I walked in and did it in a moment. The woman said since I had the registration card I could have written on the back and mailed it in.

'Please take me out of the system', and sign it, is what she told me. to put on the back.

I thought.
Interesting choice of words that breaks that contract.
That afternoon, I logged into the voter verification site.
Removed. I was not on their list.

I forgot, people don't do anything unless someone gives them instructions or a procedure.

But Freewill seems to indicate even with that they won't do anything.

It has to have money behind it.
I saw requests where people were to sign documents sending a drop of their blood back when they were pushing WHFIT and OPPT and bondservants and postmaster generals and other trust things were flowing around and people thought they'd get rich.

They don't know the riches of being in control of your own life and not harming another even with verbal attacks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Freewill, but I also believe, if President Trump stops the drug trade and the human trafficking,HE HAS ALREADY DONE MORE FOR THE PEOPLE THAN ANY PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! I firmly believe if you cut off their money and sex, YOU CRIPPLE THEM! GO DONALD! Terrorist and protesters are nothing more than paid mercenaries. Stop paying them and take away their toys and they will disband. Yahshua have mercy on us all!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Ending The Drug Trade" - has it occurred to you/anyone that IT WOULD END the drug trade if all drugs were made legal - without a prescription. I had congestive heart failure because I didn't have a couple "water pills." THEY made thousands from "treating" me when I could have done everything myself at home for less than ten dollars. And, when the Truth be known, the little things (pot) that have been declared "illegal", would cure a boat load of medical troubles. Anyone that has two specks of gray matter to rub together knows that. So, whatcha gonna do about it? Let the Dick Tattors keep on dictating?

Anonymous said...

The parable between voting for say, a president, and the commandment of not honoring any other god is awakening abd enlightning... I sure am proud to have noted voted but one time in my entire life. I am registered though and now understand how "they" are using just the registration make money....

WOW, SHALL NOT ALTER ANY OTHER GODS! Thank you your insight, changed my entire philosophy about voting besides rebelling against the gov.

Anonymous said...

Washington DC has been a CESSPOOL..does anyone really get this???? He has gone in there and made JOBS HIS FIRST PRIORITY, eliminated the TPP, eliminated regulations put in place to STALL this country.. Has anyone bothered to watch the meetings he has had with Harley Davidson, CEO's of companies, women re jobs, companies to keep here..the list goes ON AND ON AND ON amidst all the CRAP he has to put up with in the media and within the WH..he has been doing all that he can in every way (everything he can do--that DOESN'T REQUIRE THE COMPROMISED CONGRESS APPROVAL OR VOTES) They dragged their feet on EVERY PERSON HE TRIED TO BRING IN AND IT WAS ALSO REVEALED BY MIKE CERNOVICH THAT THE PEOPLE DOING SECURITY CHECKS ON THE PEOPLE HE TRIED TO BRING IN-WERE NOT LETTING ANY OF THEM THROUGH BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T BE BLACKMAILED-
How easy it is for these people sitting on their duff in judgment of the FIRST PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN DECADES THAT ACTUALLY CARES, IS NOT A GLOBALIST AND IS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.....HE HAS DONE MORE GOOD THINGS IN HIS FIRST 100 DAYS THAN OBAMA DID IN 8 YEARS--WHILE OBAMA WAS DISMANTLING AMERICA AND BRAINWASHING THE PEOPLE INTO PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL IDIOTS--THAT HAVE "OPPRESSION PSYCHOSIS"---THEY CAN ONLY OPPRESS THOSE THAT DON'T AGREE WITH THEM. Our President is a man who truly loves America and her people and he has not lost sight of his goals to make America great again--how about praying for him and BEING THANKFUL FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE AND IS TRYING TO DO instead of putting him down--no one outside can understand what it would be like trying to work with or trust all of those compromised politicians in congress and elsewhere...when some in his own "party" don't even support him....GET A CLUE..So many prophecies years ago that he would be president--God has chosen him and anointed him to drain the swamp and bring America back--he needs your prayers and support--not your criticism. And as Freewill stated--he IS GOING AFTER THE PEDOPHILES AND THEY ARE BEING ARRESTED AROUND THE COUNTRY BUT THE MSM MEDIA WILL NOT REPORT IT.
If you can't think of one thing to be grateful for re President Trump...picture America............................NOW IS THE HANDS OF HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARE YOU THANKFUL NOW????????????????????????? LOL