Saturday, April 22, 2017

Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life

By Anna Von Reitz

Seeking the Truth is often uncomfortable business.  You have to give up your own opinions on the way, and often let go of things you have been taught since childhood. Those losses of what we always believed make us feel lost, as if the firm and settled boundaries of our lives are suddenly as fluid and uncertain as waves on water.  Sometimes--often-- things you dearly cherish, things that add to your sense of security and value, get mashed along the way.  

Although I most often hammer away on the Truth about our government, what has happened to it and so on--the search for Truth is amazingly open ended.  Once you start seeking the Truth about one thing, you start seeking the Truth about all things.  
That includes the Truth about medical science.  No surprise that the field of medicine has been hijacked by the same feudalistic Robber Barons who have corrupted our government and for the same reasons-----profit and control.  They long since took over the medical schools and drug companies and have been using one to push the other for several generations with great success.  
They haven't made us healthier, wealthier, or wiser---- but they have filled their pockets and left us sickly and fat and dependent on pills, which is precisely what profits them and makes us miserable.  
Many of you had the opportunity to watch Ty Bollinger's expose, The Truth About Cancer series.  And now, a friend just forwarded The Truth About Vaccines. 
Watch it, download it, do whatever you can to learn and to share the information being provided for you and your family free of charge---today is the beginning of the final broadcast: 

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