Sunday, April 30, 2017

Re: Reply to Bundy Stand-Off : A Century of Abuse

By Anna Von Reitz

Toss up to all of you--- some people are stumbling over the Roman Numeral representation of the 19th Amendment as XVIIII
---- all I can tell you is that is how it is in the desk copy of the Territorial Constitution I have on my desk.  I know the correct way to do Roman Numerals is XIX, but given who and what we are dealing with I put it down the same way they published it. Perhaps best to correct to XIX so that people don't hang up on it, but flag the alternative for your own knowledge and future reference.  They have done so much with similar names deceits, why not similar number systems, too?  

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 11:55 AM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:
Doctor Coffman  forgot or doesn't know one particularly vitally important fact:  Andrew Jackson paid off the debt that western state land originally secured back in 1804.  

There has been no valid debt against our land since 1804 in the western states or any other state.  This is an unforeseen affect of the fraud.  Though the perps have tried their best to harm us and palm off their debts, they can't have it both ways at the same time.  

Can George down the street make you liable for his debts?  For example, can he go to the garage and have his car repaired in your name?  No? 

So why is everyone standing around "accepting the debts" of the Territorial and Municipal United States "as if" the debts of these foreign entities were yours? 

Wake up!  Here are the magic words:  "Non-Assumpsit". 

Stop assuming that you owe the debts of the foreign Territorial United States and equally, stop assuming that you owe the debts of the foreign Municipal United States.  

These entities which claim to "represent" you --- don't.  

They have pretended to be your agents.  They've told you that.  They've told other people that all around the world the same lie.  

But the fact is that they haven't been your representatives since the passage of their very own corporate XVIIIIth Amendment.  They have had no Fiduciary relationship to you or your states at all for a hundred and fifty years!  

And without a Fiduciary capacity, they have no ability to sign contracts, no ability to obligate you in any manner whatsoever.  Neither do the municipalities formed under their territorial government auspices. 

They got around this fact by deceit---- fraud, in other words.  

Here's an example:  "Congress" passes an act changing the meaning of "state, States and United States" to mean "the territories and District of Columbia".  (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864.     Bear in mind that at this point in history "Congress" wasn't acting as any Congress related to you or your states of the Union.  It was acting as the governing body of the "territories and District of Columbia". 

A second similar "redefinition" makes "United States" equivalent to "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation"----- much to the dismay of certain parties in the Philippines who thought they had a contract with the "United States" when in fact all they had was a contract with a defunct corporation. 

Don't you all think its time you heard the birds sing again? 

Whatever these yahoos have done and whatever they are claiming, they are wrong.  They have no jurisdiction related to the Bundys.  They have no ability to claim the lands of the western states.   All the "western states" have to do is organize their actual land jurisdiction government and accept the federal lands they are owed.  So do it.  

Follow the steps I have given you.  Surrender the "FEDERAL PERSON" named after you, expatriate back to your actual birth right political status, form your county jural assemblies, then your state assembly----- and claim your land back to your own ownership. 

It is past time for all of you to get up on your hind legs and learn your own history and operate your own government.   Thanks to the Fifty States Claim you still have a  home state to go "home" to and a government to operate it.   

Dr. Coffman has shed light on the history of the abuse of the western states and their land holdings by the federal government and its agencies--- entities that have at best a proprietorship---- but the whole truth of the matter is that we have allowed this abuse by our failure to operate our own actual state governments.  

Most people have forgotten or never known the essentials facts.  

Our states are our nations.  We are born as Wisconsinites, Minnesotans, Texans, Floridians, and so on.  That's why state banks are national banks.  That's why we are a union of fifty nation-states, not a nation of fifty-seven "states of states".  

We have let the "hired help" run rampant for so long that they have assumed that they are in charge and are the actual beneficial owners.  Time to inform them --- and the rest of the world --- otherwise. 

The Bundys have begun that noble effort--- and maybe they did it without all the facts firmly in view, including all the lies that have been told about them and about us and about our states --- but in truth.  

And the truth shall set you---and the Bundys---- free. 


Anonymous said...

these persons are full of garbage. look at the treaty of paris. if u do not control ur treasury under international law u r not a sovereign nation.

Anonymous said...

Full Disclosure.
I am the Anonymous who posted this comment

Popeye replied with some of the following words, sentences, terms.
We recognize your condition and are here to help.
delusional nut jobs
wacko-ism, nutty-ness, Psychosis, and small little people yelling at you about your problem (a form of psychosis)

So that you have Popeye's opinion of my opinion you can stop reading, the followers of Popeye and followers of others who you agree with when they use words to describe people

You have been forewarned and have full disclosure.

So regarding the above. Anna.

Anna does not give you enough information to make any move.
She never explains contracts; she never explains the consequences of contracts.

So for instance, Anna discusses what to do as if you do not have a job, or an ID in some State of the United States.

She tells you willy nilly

Follow the steps I have given you.
Surrender the "FEDERAL PERSON" named after you,
expatriate back to your actual birth right political status,
form your county jural assemblies,
then your state assembly-----
and claim your land back to your own ownership.

Now once you complete the first, Surrender, a thing she has not told you how to do, to whom, with what
You are to expatriate, a process that is on the internet, maybe at the USCIS, US Customs and Immigration Service, but when you do, what about it changes you to a State national, and is that recognized by anything you will be contracting with.
(Now I mention being a noncitizen national of the United States, but I fall into the nut-jobs of Popeye's observation because he's obviously traveled into the beast's belly, seen the contents, come out alive and live to tell about it.)

Back to Anna; after you have separated yourself from the corporation and the corporate lands, you are go BORG - become a collective, become a hive mind (as if you aren't already, because those of us who are not hive minded are nut-jobs)

But you must BORG to get your collective sovereignty?
A contract, by gesture, with others who by gesture agree to collect their thoughts and create a control system.

form your county jural assemblies,
then your state assembly-----
and claim your land back to your own ownership.

Now once you are BORG, you are to collectively figure out who to approach and say 'this land is not your land', 'this land is my land', 'from California, to the New York Islands', 'From the redwood forests, to the Gulf Stream waters', 'this land is made for me not you'.

And they are supposed to have full authority like a Louisiana purchase and just say, okay, here is the land you claimed.

Done deal, right?

But remember, Popeye and many others call me a nut-job so you have disclosure before I typed the above of the type of mind this is coming from, and I'm sure you can tell it's not the hive. It's the in-divide-u-all that either knows or someone thinks I don't know.

Do I care if anyone pays attention? No.