Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Say NO to Lesbian Commandant

Say NO to Lesbian Commandant at the U.S. Air Force Academy

  • April 25, 2017
The U.S. Air Force Academy is appointing lesbian Kristin Goodwin as the next Commandant of Cadets. (LifeSiteNews.com)

This selection tramples the highest moral standards and traditions of the military and contradicts the Academy's Honor Code, which states: “Do the right thing and live honorably.”
To endorse homosexual sin is to promote dishonor.   We must keep our honor clean and say "no" to the homosexual agenda inside our beloved Armed Forces.
Please!  Sign the petition.  Ask U.S. Secretary of Defense, Gen. James Mattis, to rescind Goodwin’s appointment!
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Lesbian to lead Air Force Academy?
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Dear American,

The U.S. Air Force Academy has nominated an open lesbian, Kristin Goodwin, to be its next Commandant of Cadets!

But this selection contradicts the military's core value: honor.

Homosexual sin runs contrary to honor.  And it undermines the Air Force Academy's own Honor Code, which states:

“Do the right thing and live honorably.”

But the endorsement of homosexual sin promotes dishonor!

Furthermore, homosexual sin and its unleashing of unnatural passions is corrosive to self-discipline -- a hallmark of the military vocation.

Therefore, I invite you to ask the U.S. Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis to rescind Kristin Goodwin’s appointment:
Sign the petition to Gen. Mattis now
In my opinion, the acceptance of homosexual sin in the military is one more step towards the breakdown of all barriers between right and wrong, good and evil.  It ruins the moral principle that should guide our troops and pilots.

Plus, it tarnishes the military’s image at a time when our nation faces renewed threats from enemies on the world scene.

For all of these reasons, I would like you to sign our petition, urging Gen. Mattis to rescind the appointment of Kristin Goodwin as Commandant to the U.S Air Force Academy.

And there’s one more important thing:

Since Goodwin’s appointment still needs Senate approval, I ask you to please call your Senator and ask for a “NO” vote.

You will find the name and phone number of your Senator here:

When you call, you can simply say that you do NOT think it is timely or honorable that a lesbian be appointed as the next Commandant of Cadets at the U.S Air Force Academy.

Because sinful lifestyles promote dishonor -- and degrade real military honor.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action, Director


P.S. -- As you know, Goodwin’s nomination needs Senate approval.  So, please call your Senator and ask for a “NO” vote.  Simply state that you do NOT think it is timely or honorable to appoint a lesbian as the next Commandant of the U.S Air Force Academy.

P.S.S. -- Our moral position is principled, not personal.

We have no intention to defame or disparage anyone. We are not moved by personal hatred against any individual. In intellectually opposing individuals or organizations promoting the homosexual agenda, our only intent is the defense of our hallowed Armed Forces, the family, and the precious remnants of Christian civilization.

As practicing Catholics, we are filled with compassion and pray for those who struggle against unrelenting and violent temptation to homosexual sin. We pray for those who fall into homosexual sin out of human weakness, that God may assist them with His grace.

We are conscious of the enormous difference between these individuals who struggle with their weakness and strive to overcome it and others who transform their sin into a reason for pride and try to impose their lifestyle on society as a whole, in flagrant opposition to traditional Christian morality and natural law. However, we pray for these too.

We pray also for the judges, legislators and government officials who in one way or another take steps that favor homosexuality. We do not judge their intentions, interior dispositions, or personal motivations.

We reject any violence. We simply exercise our liberty as children of God (Rom. 8:21) and our constitutional rights to free speech and the candid, unapologetic and unashamed public display of our Catholic faith. We oppose arguments with arguments. To the arguments in favor of homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” we respond with arguments based on right reason, natural law and Divine Revelation.


The indiscriminate use of the word homosexual and its synonyms has generated much confusion in the public. Many times, it is unclear if it refers to someone with same-sex attraction only or if it refers to someone who practices homosexual acts. This confusion favors the homosexual agenda. We cannot equate people with same-sex attraction who resist it and are chaste with those who engage in homosexual behavior. These are two distinct and essentially different moral realities.

Thus, we use homosexual to refer only to those who practice homosexual acts and thereby deserve moral reprobation.

The fight starts with you.
Make sure you share this petition.
God bless you.     

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