Saturday, April 22, 2017

Russia's missile that can take out Texas


Russia has been in the news lately largely thanks to its attempts to relaunch the Cold War on the internet and its unquestioning support of the Assad regime in Syria. And now it's grabbed attention for another reason: They've debuted the sequel no one wanted to its "Satan" nuclear missile.​​​

The Satan 2, officially known as the RS-28 Sarmat, has been an open secret for a while now as Russia has more or less engaged in the geopolitical equivalent of a marketing campaign. And this is no different as the first specs were declassified by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau.

On paper the missile is state of the art, able to evade radar defenses and travel far enough to hit the East or West Coast of the US with a payload that could destroy an area the size of Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how those 'Russian' troops in the top photo have AR15 rifles with Canadian Elcan scopes on them. Hmmmmmm.

Olive Oyl said...

Hey AR pro - why don't you go to Google and find an appropriate picture that meets with your approval and email to us? We will remove the pic that you don't agree with and replace with your choice. Pics are included from time to time simply to make a post more attractive or interesting - not always are pics sent to us that would meet your standards. So, since you know so much - go find a pic with the correct guns and send it. We will consider posting. In the meantime, if you aren't going to he helpful, then keep your mouth shut or be removed.

TerraZetzz said...

Olive, its not about the rifles. Those are clearly Canadian troops and it's supposed to be "Related: Photos of Russia's latest military exercise in Crimea". The photo of Canadian troops is providing disinfo to the common reader.

Olive Oyl said...

TZ - Produce the 'correct' pic and we will consider publishing. We don't get paid to provide the information to you. We do it as a service to our readers. Our time is important to us just as yours is to you. There isn't enough time in the day nor always the appropriate resources to produce the perfect pic for every article. If you are not happy about the pic - which clearly you are not because of the issue you continue to make about it - then either ignore it, move on to another article or to another blog. We are not perfect but we do try. The blog - to the best of Popeye's and my involvement - is attractive and informative with a high reader count and many many compliments on what and how we produce the articles. A picture of Canadians is the very least of our concerns. Again - the pic is supplied merely as a way to direct attention to the article and to make the point. We always try to produce accurate pics but it is not always possible so we substitute. Kapeesh?