Saturday, April 22, 2017

PETITION: Make TREY GOWDY Speaker of The House

PETITION: Make  TREY  GOWDY  Speaker  of The  House

We’ve had enough of Paul Ryan. It’s time to get a true conservative as his replacement.


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In the wake of Ryancare’s failure, many began touting South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy as Ryan’s replacement for Speaker of the House. Not only is Gowdy the best man for the job, but his vision of America fits perfectly in line with President Trump’s.

Way back in the 1990s, when Gowdy worked as a federal prosecutor, he helped to convict Mark J. Allen, a serial robber at one time listed among America’s Most Wanted, via GoUpState.
Gowdy’s position as a legal pit bull has been on display in Washington numerous times.

During FBI Director James Comey’s infamous testimony about why America’s top cops refused to fully investigate Hillary Clinton, or the numerous leaks engineered by the outgoing Obama administration, Gowdy grilled Comey in order to make the FBI Director essentially admit that Democrats are above the law, via YouTube.

Mr. Gowdy has been a thorn in the side of Obama-era flunkies for quite some time. Not only did he head the House Select Committee to investigate what really happened at Benghazi on September 11, 2012, but he is also currently leading the charge to prosecute serial liar Susan Rice.

Unlike the current Speaker of the House, Gowdy has absolutely no problem facing the hard Left head-on. While Ryan appeases the Democrats with big government proposals, Gowdy made liberal hero Elizabeth Warren look like a fool during official testimonies, via YouTube.

The biggest reason why Congressman Gowdy should be named as the next Speaker of the House is simple; he’s actually a conservative.

Paul Ryan more or less supports the current immigration system that we have in place.  Congressman Gowdy slams open border morons for failing to understand that immigrants and refugees pose national security risks, via YouTube.

On other domestic issues, Congressman Gowdy has maintained a steadfast adherence to conservative principles. He fought against John Boehner’s debt limit bill in 2011.  He has supported defunding Obamacare, and he has supported the idea of revisiting Roe v. Wade.

Gowdy, like Senator Rand Paul, could shore up President Trump’s conservative agenda with a more libertarian-centric approach. As Speaker of the House, Mr. Gowdy would aggressively attack those Democrats who seek to undermine the health, safety, and happiness of our country.

It’s time. Let’s draft Trey Gowdy to replace Paul Ryan as President Trump’s Speaker of the House.


Anonymous said...

Now would someone say again why anyone would want Ryan as president?

Unknown said...

how is the republican agenda any different from the elite globalist agenda. they both put corporations over people, both support the erosion of our liberties (the patriot act as an example) both support the military industrial complex?

Taurus 66 said...

Ryan is a joke, but so are most of the Republican and Democratic Representatives.... If you still believe Trump is a savior of the Republic I have some swamp land in Arizona that is prime.....we have been fooled and so have you folks who still hang on to this Trump is different nonsense..... I doubt Mr. Gowdy will do anything for average folks....we don't need more security...we need common sense and Republicans of his nature have very little. Guns, no abortions, and lower taxes for the rich is the only platform they really have..... What a joke... and Democrats want to take your guns, tax the crap out of the middle class, and pretend they care about you and your family... What a mess.....

Seeker said...

Trey Gowdy is much more needed to head the intelligence committee.

Unknown said...

I agree Trey Gowdy is much better being Head of the Intelligence Commitee and /or Head of the F.B.I.
He'd also make an awesome Attorney General of the D.O.J.
Heck....Let's make him President in the Future.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the unknown commenter above, we need someone honest who will kick butt and help DRAIN THE SWAMP--WHICH IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM RIGHT NOW..I wish there was someone else-- A TRUE CONSERVATIVE who could be trusted to be speaker of his caliber...pathetic that I cannot think of EVEN ONE! but i AGREE RYAN SHOULD GOOOOOOOOOO AWAAAAAAAY! GOWDY has already been appointed so I don't think the petition will do any GOOD BUT IT WOULD SEND AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE