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10/24/11 CLS Military Action Report Anniversary Dreams Underground SW US England Kuwait Bases Andromedan Pleadian

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10/24/11 CLS Military Action Report Anniversary Dreams Underground SW US England Kuwait Bases Andromedan Pleadian
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Date: Saturday, 29-Oct-2011 12:36:03
10/24/11 CLS Military Action Report Anniversary Dreams Underground SW US England Kuwait Bases Cleared The Andromedan and Pleadian Questions
Codename: “Grey Skies“ is a joint military operation combining Creation Lightship and Earth Defense Forces utilizing a combination; bring the invading UUTs (Unwanted Universal Alien Travellers) down by destroying their ships, rout them out by destroying their hidden bases, and destroy all of them where they came from by tracing them all back to their planet, planetoid, fleet, or other origin, and eliminating every last one of them at their source. “Operation: Grey Skies” celebrates its’ one year anniversary this month.
Begun one year ago, Grey Skies kicked off with the showcase downing and dissolution of a large cloaked invader alien mothership over New York City. Our Constitution loving U.S.A. Earth Generals were invited onto one of the CLS bridges so they could witness firsthand the awesome military capabilities of the Creation Lightship Forces and take hope renewed they would have a powerful ally instead of being subservient to advanced invaders.
After the ultimate in firepower and defensive capability demonstration, the Creation Lightship Forces were naturally invited to join forces with our own original U.S.A. military time travelling chrononaut Earth defenders. CLS is from the Original Source Light Universe in the Now, and beyond time, while the Earth Defense Forces are made up of normal human Earth soldiers trapped within time, and recruited from throughout and across time, regardless of their nationality.
If you are/were/will be a soldier from Earth; a Roman Legionnaire, WW1, or WW2, from 2050, recruit, etcetera, you can volunteer and be picked up off your timeline and trained to defend your home world by being transported through time and equipped with the most sophisticated weaponry and tactics in existence. One of the perks of the job is that if you are hurt or killed while in this service, CLS simply employs Source Creation Energy to re-assemble, re-vitalize, and heal you so you can go right back into service.
Why does the CLS Defense Fleet side with we humans? Because Earth has been "illegally" invaded. Earth was created as, and is supposed to be only a beautiful place in a free will zone. Any Spirit created on the Light Ship was supposed to be able to come here and enjoy experiencing this place for one “lifetime,” and then freely leave.
Earth was exactly like that once, until multiple races of invading darkness sponsored aliens decided to come here and create all these dimensions and timelines to take over with, and to enslave all the Spirits here in human bodies, and force us onto their timelines so the invaders could harvest our human thoughts, emotions, and feelings for food. So now when you check in, you can’t check out.
Think of going to sleep and dreaming. How many dreams have emotions in them, close to 100%? That’s calculated enhancement of more emotion harvesting. They tell us we are simply “releasing” emotions in dreams, but that’s a lie purposely designed so we don’t figure out how they use us.
They create a timeline, pull our Spirits out of our bodies and place us on it, and then manipulate the play action so we get all worked up while sleeping, thinking its' all real at the time. Access to these seemingly real dream events is even sold between alien races in common ET commerce. They don’t have their own Spirits, so they use ours as projecting generators.
Scene: cloaked interdimensional deep space mall out of our range of human sight. Short, fat, tall, & skinny aliens of many genetic types in various modes of dress (Star Wars bar, Deep Space Nine Promonade) are filing into the electro-holo-tent as the barker drones on, “Hurry! hurry, hurraaay. Step right this way, we have only the best of the prime human dreamers emoting in our stables! Come experience swimming in their delicious emotions that you don’t have. Synch into them and recharge while feeling fear, anger, love, or whatever you prefer! Only the best scenes, scripts and holo actors are used!”
Starting out originally as pure Source Energy Spirits created on the Lightship, we have been memory wiped and reduced in awareness only to become unaware slaves duped into feeling somewhat free as mind controlled subjects ever since, but this won’t go on for much longer.
CLS simply states about the aliens, “They aren’t supposed to be here,” as the Lightbeings come every 2,000 years and eliminate the invading races, one by one. This time it is a major cycle that never happened before. When Ascension hits this time, the games are over. This is why it is vital to each get ourselves cleared and healed first, meaning right now, while the Lightship is here and available to do so for us. Limited time offer. Word.
Some alien races are peaceful, and do not control others. So they are left alone. Only those attacking or controlling are eliminated, recently including going all the way back up the line to their originating planets. This happens in a lesser form every 2,000 years when the Creation Lightship routinely manifests here to do a cleanup, and activates the Ascension Process, then the Lightship leaves, and after a while some of the creation/existence templates are re-activated and life all starts over again, in the same or a new form.
Before termination, the evil controlling aliens, some who nonchalantly enjoy eating live humans hanging on meathooks - like we would have a Sunday barbecue and toss aside a chicken bone - are first offered the chance to come into The Light, but they always attack instead - as that is all the Spiritless controllers being controlled have ever known. Then they no longer exist. The dangerous to all Life darkness cosmic trash is instantly taken out.
For the past few weeks/months the combined Earth and CLS Defense Force has been continually clearing and working its way through European and other underground tunnels, as in way under England where they found a large base/den full of 100 foot long ET alien “snake” types, which were promptly sliced up into foot long parts that then instantly became unto the shapes of alligators. Sharp teeth, long snouts, razor scales, long claws, obviously these shape shifters were meant to kill. All terminated.
CLS and Earth also especially included taking out big bases occupied by invaders under Kuwait during October 21st, & 22nd. These particular invaders were Andromedan in origin, and this base was located 20 miles deep under the surface. Just like the mysterious earthquakes we had under Washington, DC and Denver Colorado, in this case, a day later, Turkey reported a big quake as the resulting battle energies worked their way up to the surface.
The term “Andromedan” for a race has many sub classes and types even spanning differing dimensions and times. They may even have good-guy bad-guy factions like we do. We can't judge a book by its cover. Presently I am uncertain, as my friend Andromedan conscious physical contactee Alex Collier has done some fine work helping humans under his lifelong tutelage by one of the Andromedan 8D factions from 800 years in the future .
I can’t explain it. Was Alex’s lifelong physical good guy contactee work (unknown to him) being used as a fake good guy cover operation, or are his contacts from 800 years in the future and 5 dimensions higher than us actually different Andromedans, and actually good guys? I don’t know.
As stated, starting around Friday October 21st, 2011, the concentrated upon negative Andromedan bases and ships were, and are, being eliminated. One of the Andromedan motherships was huge – larger than the state of Texas, and stationed above it, with many floors – and was being used as an airborne clone factory. It was terminated.
Yet, again consider, this particular enormous Mothership clone factory and faction here in our time and dimension was Andromedan, and still did deserve elimination. Imagine the size of the factory, its output, and how many humans have been and would have been replaced. Imagine the size of the clone army if there was one. We should keep thankfully cheering that we have been pulled from this fire by our brave chrono soldiers and the CLS Lightbeings.
During Saturday the 22nd of October, Andromedan and other underground tunnels and bases were found spanning Utah, California, Mt. Shasta, San Diego, Southern California, and deep into Mexico. They were all cleaned out and the occupants terminated. During these heated battles many Earth chrononaut soldiers had to be rematerialized, reanimated, and healed by Source Energies under the control of the Light Beings that created us all to begin with.
What is odd, is that a (different than Alex Collier) Andromedan contactee is now reporting the Andromedans are saying to him they just took out Draco and Orion bases under the Middle East. I have delayed publication of this issue awaiting more clarification...
10/29/2011 The present day Andromedans are involved in darkness, uninvited bases, clone factories, and apparently taking credit undeserved, for the purpose of saying these things to rally more followers to their cause.
Perhaps the ones from the future and 8th dimensionality may have learned their lessons and are assumed to be more in The Light. Perhaps being from and on different timelines is also involved. Both factions are human appearing with some having slightly light purple skin.
Remember, I always say any race from within time is suspect, because they have to mix with darkness to be here, just like us. We’re lucky CLS doesn’t take us out, considering what we’re capable of! They do know we have real Spirits, however, and have been seriously messed with, and mind controlled, so that cuts us some slack. Whew.
“Take away the programming, and they’re all my brothers.”
Other ET races are not invited to be part of, or to help out the CLS/Earth Forces, as CLS employs the ultimate weaponry and anyone else is not needed or wanted in the fray. They would just end up getting in the way and being more casualties needing repair. Sort of a too many cooks spoiling the stew affair. Besides, Earth needs to finally do this unbeholden with only Source on their side.
The Earth Spirit’s Light is averaging being 43% here at present. Quite good compared to previous, but still has a way to go.
Remember our last CLS report about Dr. Fred Bell whose topside clone died while he was working with the Pleadian researchers being attacked under El Salvadore? After his dramatic rescue from the (now terminated by the joint Earth & CLS forces) space criminals during the weekend of September 30th and October 1 & 2, we can now report the rescue also included the rematerialization, healing, and reanimation of the previously killed 500 Pleadian lab researchers by CLS Lightbeings using Original Source Creation energies.
This is interesting, as some Pleadians are also lost to the darkness, but CLS helped this group anyway. Why? The principal is simple, when the space gang attacked on Earth, in the Now, by being aggressors here they became targets of the CLS.
The scientists were researching, working with humans, and not attacking. And so even though they are imperfect, like us, they were helped in this case. In a sense humans were responsible for saving them! I do not know if they have Spirits. CLS forces discern from their pure hearts/Spirit, only, to sort out identities quickly in battle.
Ron Amitron, the Earth Ambassador from the Creation Lightship, was driving back home to Mt. Shasta from LA through the Mojave desert towards the 29 Palms area the Monday following the Expo. For about 30 seconds, an older “Billy Meier photo” type Pleadian ship with the domed top, and cloaked in clouds appeared above Ron’s car. The Pleadians were signaling a “thank you” to Ron. Perhaps some are now more of The Light.
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