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Date: Thursday, 20-Oct-2011 18:19:31
In Response To: Reader STVN: Message from the MONACO GROUP (hobie)
(Thanks, S. :)
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Reader STVN writes:

Dear Hobie,
Just received the following information:
A prominent "Monaco 57 Group" Representative is presently in New York, USA to further explain the reasons for the current global financial crisis and to point out what must be done to resolve it in order to put our world on a path to financial security and stability.
The most recent "Mortgage Crisis" is the result of serious violations and total disregards for the Rule of Law by certain venerable Financial Institution - here in the USA and abroad.
This, in turn, has brought the Nations of the World to the point of possible total global financial collapse. Due mostly to such bad ideas as "Collaterized Debt Obligations" (mostly mortgage securities) being securitized and used over and over again to create mountains of more and more debt. We have seen one bank after another failing as we bear witness to millions going homeless - the real victims of Financiers/Banker's irresponsibilty and greed.
The representative mentioned above, has been involved with and has worked diligently -for over 15 years -with the Collateral Accounts (CA) and is currently considered one of the top world experts on the subject matter, i.e., International Collateral Accounts, Combined.
Agreements have been reached with a prominent US Radio/TV personality and the world will soon be paying attention to this man's words. He will effectively demonstrate how the CA (Collateral Accounts) have been used by a small group of individuals (and certain Financial Institution) for their own personal gains and not for the good of all mankind - as was originally intended.
He will give lectures on what precipitated the most recent mortgage crisis, the "smoke and mirrors" illusion the banks have employed to trick us into believing they are Owners of the Notes (CA) when in fact they are only the Holders(Custodians) and nothing more.
He will show how the European countries do not owe any debt, since the Lender never had any physical money to lend, to begin with, i.e., they've done it over and over by "smoke and mirror" tricks and by using illusions and various other methods.
Most important of all, this gentlemen will show us that, Yes, there is a way out of this mess.
All of this can be accomplished without further provocations, accusations and threats and only by getting to know the real causes of the current financial crisis and then taking the first steps required to get us on a safe and sure road of recovery.
It can be done and it must happen. This is the will of the People of the world!
The original Monaco 57 Group has now grown to more than 100 Nations and more calling us daily, expressing their support and their readiness to participate.
The Monaco Group is deeply indebted and most thankful to this particular individual.
Both RMN's and Fullford's followers already know of him and soon the rest of the world will have a chance to hear his words on US TV/Radio talk shows.
Stay tuned......


Anonymous said...

Let's pray this is true and is what will bring Nesara! See it, feel it, know it, for a new beginning for the world!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Reader AC/DC: "He will explain and demonstrate how, since 1978 banks have been systematically robbing the nations, ..."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 21-Oct-2011 00:06:36 In Response To: Reader STVN: MONACO 57 GROUP UPDATE (hobie)
(Thanks, A. :) Reader AC/DC writes: ..//
Dear Hobie, I am able to confirm that the gentleman referred to by STVN, is in New York. I can also confirm that he is a former high level officer of the now defunct and redundant OITC. ....(....) He will explain the real role of the Federal Reserve and why it is an essential tool, that while we hate and despise it, it serves a necessary legal function, but a function that must be restricted by much tighter limits on their powers, and a more secured control over them, that will prevent their continued fraud against the people and how they must be prevented from conspiring with other financial agencies in America and abroad, to allow direct fraud to become a normal component of commerce.
I know of nobody who has for so many many years been confronted with the questions and problems of Global Finance, and nobody that has his unique understanding of it. He will often be criticized by the so called financial elite, as brings simple truths they will not want to hear, for he will advise us to move away from those things that allow the so called mighty bankers of Wall Street to rob us, and to institute a financial system where there is accountability and value.
The most amazing thing he can show, is how America could be debt free within less than 3 years. His plan is simple, it does not require a plan for austerity or increased taxes. It requires the financial system be restructured and properly managed. For me, as I am of Jewish extraction, I am thankful that one of the great things he will also explain is that those who have perpetrated these crimes against humanity, are not Jews, but Khazarians who pretend to be Jews, even to the point where they use Jewish names. I am hopeful that the World will eventually see and differentiate between the two. That will be one great step forward. AC/DC

Anonymous said...

And just what do you think will happen? Absolutely nothing! The sheeple will listen, then forget and the banksters will continue their rape of the worlds finances as usual while the sheeple pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 10:27 pm

Things are different now - different energy, change is coming, people are in the streets all over the world. They see they have been misled, lied to and their monies and rights have been taken away...

Why so negative? A little belief and faith.

Please take your negativity somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 10:27
And just what are you doing to stop the rape and pillage by the banksters? Have you stopped banking? Are you not going to pay your income tax this year? Are you out protesting? I doubt it! If anyone is negative, you are because you are just another sheeple sitting back waiting for change. Bet you voted for Obama too!!!