Friday, October 21, 2011

NESARA Petition signatures needed NOW!!!!!!

A message to all members of The Galactic roundtable

2220 More signatures Needed by October 28, 2011

Greetings Everybody!

The momentum behind the Occupy Wall Street movement is just incredible. We're showing a lot of power, both in the media and in the streets, and I'm excited to see what we can do together. There are 72 Cities across America which are joining with Countries around the World to take their Cries For Freedom into the streets. This is the Collective Conscious Energy which One would expect to see NESARA Announced with Full Galactic Disclosure. We Create Our own world. The Politicians, the Corporations and Bankers have all created a world of Illusion, and world of Sorrow. We have happily participated in the Illusion for the past few decades. The inside Trading and illusionary Real Estate bubble are being revealed to their fullest now. We are the creators of our World and as we ask for Freedom, we will have it.

NESARA Law has been hidden by Congress and the Supreme Court since it was signed into law, October 10, 2000 by President Bill Clinton. The authors of NESARA Law including, Dennis Kucinich, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Charlie Rangle, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are under a gag order and must not speak about NESARA for fear of their lives. Paul Wellstone, another author of NESARA Law was killed as was his wife and daughter, when he was going to break his gag order. Many white knoghts working in the public eye who have the means and popularity to spread the word cannot because they too are under gag orders. I am one of the few invited to speak about NESARA Law. I have sacrificed much over the years to do so.

The meaning of generosity is doing whatever is needed, no matter how challenging, for as long as it takes to get it done. This must be done continuously in the presence of joy. Real discipline cannot be imposed by anyone else. Real discipline comes form the heart by a motivation to do the right thing. Discipline comes when One desires to be their best and give their best to All That Is and they refuse to do less that be disciplined to not only take care of themselves, their family and their community, but indeed the world.

Yesterday we had around 100 signatures added to the NESARA Petition. This morning we still need 2200 more by October 28, 2011. That is about 170 less than the daily average we need to complete the Petition on time. Two years ago to the day we started to promote NESARA news, Disclosure Truth and Ascension related information. A month after we sarted we posted the Community Statement on the site and it has been there since.

I have prepared a document (several) which show how you can help. I am running it again today.

We have until OCTOBER 28, 2011 to click on this link:
and sign our name to a petition to get NESARA reviewed by the Obama Administration. Do you think it’s any ACCIDENT that the ending date is also the end date for the Mayan Long Form calendar (according to Calleman)?
Before October 28, 2011, we need 5,000 signatures as that is CRITICAL to the review process. As of today, we need another 3,239 signatures. If we don’t get these signatures then we are going to be waiting THAT MUCH LONGER for things to change. I want change. YOU want change. So take 2 minutes and click that link. Pass it on to your friends and family. This is on the Obama Administration GOVERNMENT PAGE. They are ASKING us, PLEADING with us to sign this. So let’s make a difference and get this party started!!
Below this line, I am going to be giving some more information in regards to NESARA and what else you can do to get other people to sign this petition. Continue reading if you want, but PLEASE – go and sign this petition NOW and let’s get this New Earth rolling the way we want it! Read on after you click here:

P.S. When you sign the petition, comment below. I would like to know how many sign and maybe we can get some good dialogue going here about it!
or here:
NESARA PDF (more pics, less words, and the whole history explained): CLICK HERE
TWITTER: When I twitter the Petition I type into the search the names of the authors of NESARA Law, one by one...Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Paul Wellstone, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangle, Dennis Kucinich. I tweet their supporters and their critics. By hitting “reply” to what they tweeted. This will land in their email box and they will see it. I also search by reporter and news agency: Chuck Todd, Nicholas Kristof, Ariana Huffington, SultonAlQussemi, Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Politico, Grudge Report, DailyKOS, BoldProgressive (there are many others) You do not need to know their tweet account if you search their complete name it will pop for you- @chucktodd, @arianahuff, @nickkristof, @maddow, @BarackObama, @AP, @AJEnglish, @BBCWorld, @wikileaks
FACEBOOK: It is what it is so we may as well use it. Go to your “Update Status” box and drop a link in and submit. Use one link per day to keep the message posting out there. Same for MySpace. SAME FOR YOUTUBE.
OCCUPYWALLSTREET.ORG: Make an account to make comments. In the List of Demands for Occupy Wall Street kindly ask they add “Enact NESARA Law” and then add a link “What is NESARA” is best. If many many people comment there we will have ALL the Occupy Wall Street Protestors supported by a Law passed in 2000. We can teach them there is an alternative out there, we just need to ENACT THE LAW. When we do this the MEDIA is FORCED to report on it.
EMAIL: Subject Line: Have You Signed The NESARA Petition?
Subject Line: Cure for Occupy Wall Street Subject Line: The REAL REASON for 911 Subject Line: Emergency! We Can Arrest The Bankers You Must Sign This Petition!!! (you get the idea) People are more likely to open emails with idiotic subjects (because our egos are motivated by fear) like READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! or *******ABSOULTE MUST READ!!!!!! or
Use your own inspiration and sensibility.
In the body of the email ask folks to please suspend all disbelief and add one of the links. Let them know, we have nothing to lose by signing and we must sign to hear the truth from the President. If you worry about their reaction, pretend you are not sure~ “Who Knows?” or “Sounded Interesting?” “Check it out, see what you think.......” Be sure to let folks know that all of the issues the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy America Protestors are worried about will be cured with the Enactment of NESARA Law. What is required for Enactment? President Obama MUST ANNOUNCE NESARA LAW. He is poised to do so only if we ask by signing the Petition.
ATTEND PROTESTS: Please Bring the NESARA FACT SHEET and hand it out.
Sign the petition and let’s get going! Let’s have our New Earth that we want! Let’s get this party started!!

I invite you to share this information widely. If we cannot pull it together to complete the Petition, then we no longer have a need for a place like There is no reason to come here each day to look at the Illusion and wonder together how to change it. The change you have been hoping for is right in front of your eyes this morning. This is it, we are out of time.

More than two and a half years ago I left a very good paying job as an intensive care unit nurse to work on NESARA full time, to channel and bring information for Starseeds about Home. I have posted articles here everyday for two years. With no job I have paid all the bills generated by this website and more. I have asked my three children to live a difficult Path in order to get this done. Right now my utilities are all facing shut off and my house payment is short again. If we do not finish the Petition then there is no reason for us to continue to live in poverty this way. It simply is not healthy. We have been disciplined and been generous without fault. I have begun to work at home on other projects and I am preparing to shift my focus. No matter what happens I am prepared to do my Mission as I have stated many times before. I have been contacted by folks in Africa who are in war ravaged worlds and need this kind of generosity poured on them. No matter what happens I am changing my focus away from this platform. You may always find me at for new information on developing your Inner World. I look forward to seeing you in a more intimate way at a workshop.

If we do not complete the Petition then I will be pulling down and we will have to find our news other places. If we do complete the Petition then I owe it to the Collective to leave in place as a hub to discuss What's Next? on our Collective Role as we step into our New Missions for developing New Earth. You are in control. You are the creator of your world. Please set aside all ego distraction pursuits for just 8-9 days and be the change for freedom in this world today.

Now that we have been successful in requesting President Obama, after 11 years, to please Announce and Enact NESARA Law through Petition, we have a rare opportunity to be disciplined and share generosity with our world, with the protestors and all the new ones waking up. If we do not join together and complete this Petition with the required 5000 signatures, then we have passed on our greatest hope. No one can hold us back but ourselves. You are the Master, the controller, the one who creates your own world. This is all in your control. You are the ultimate reality. Supreme Success requires Supreme Effort. I invite you today to go inside and consider the importance this holds with you and what you can do about it. You can go down the list of suggestions and do the ones which feel comfortable to you. If everybody does it as a disciplined approach, we will make it. All the Highest Forces of Light stand by and are assisting you in every way possible, as long as your thoughts remain positive. Be Love In Action.
Thank you for This. I will keep a count at the top of the page and I am hopeful we will be successful. We have a rare opportunity to change things together.
All My Love,
p.s please donate as you feel inspired to do so.
Visit The Galactic roundtable at:

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Anonymous said...

Be careful what you sign, be careful what links you click.....who is this anonymous person, "Beth"??? Is she/he someone collecting email accounts by a clever phishing scheme? Is this person working for the PTB, and collecting our names as potential terrorists because we might be in favor of NESARA? Please people, be careful, especially in these times when it is becoming clear to the PTB that they are losing. They will stop at NOTHING to maintain control. You think signing a NESARA petition is going to bring about NESARA? Come on, people, use your brain here......What's going to bring it about is closing your bank account, stop buying gasoline, researching the illegality of foreclosures and taking appropriate action. In other words, we all need to take personal action towards our sovereignty.....signing something smells very fishy to me.....just my opinion, for what it's worth.....