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Archangel Michael Reports On Galactics Progress

Archangel Michael

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sheldan Nidle - More Delays - Oct 25 2011

The moratorium imposed by the Earth allies on their various objectives is ready to be lifted [so enforcement and change can begin]. It has been a difficult task to locate and take into custody all those individuals involved in the dark's last delaying actions. In the same vein, those who had been entrusted with numerous important posts turned out to be moles inserted long ago by the dark elites for just such an eventuality as this. Several recent raids on some of our Earth allies' lesser facilities uncovered a huge number of people who needed to be added to our ever-lengthening list of arrestees. The location where these individuals are being held is rapidly turning into a small city! Our intention is to move these people to special aboveground facilities once the dark cabal's governments have resigned and the new governance is in place. At that time, we will add those persons in government who were part of the dark's illegal shenanigans, and then announce dates for the special trials. These trials will be held in civilian common-law courts, and will address the severe violations of constitutional and common-law principles.

Common law has been replaced by Martial, Admiralty or Military Law

In a court of common law, there is an injured party who is a human being and not a corporation.  All government  organizations are corporations and thus cannot sue.  In a common law court an injured party who holds a claim against you can sue and bring charges against you, and lacking an injured party the court had no jurisdiction over you. A court that flies a flag with a gold tassel indicates that the just and enforceable laws of the land (common law) have been replaced by Martial, Admiralty or basically, Military Law.  

The reason the courts and other official buildings in the US and Canada fly the flag of a captured country has to do with the fact that US and Canada went broke in the 1930s [after the great depression]. Britain bailed them out and we have been tax slaves to them ever since. Each of our actual birth certificates (not the copy you have or the short form one you can request from the government) is in a bank in the UK and represents collateral/the amount of taxes we will be expected to pay in our life time. [The US became a corporation in 1868 right after the Civil War.]

The court is now an accounting system for the UK. Its job is to collect the fees which pays back the original bail out. The judges and the [Bar] lawyers are sworn to the Queen so good luck getting them to help you enter common law.  Members of the Freeman movement believe that they can separate themselves from this corporate law system through a process that affirms their native right to the original law of the land. They use notary publics to officiate the process because they are willing to do it (not sworn to the Queen).  [British Bar lawyers are ineligible to participate in legal and governmental matters under the original Constitution.]   

These trials will be pursued on an international basis. Together, our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins have already arrested tens of thousands of individuals. These persons and their higher-placed colleagues will be tried within regions, and it will be the responsibility of each region to conduct their own hearings and to sentence these individuals if and when they are convicted of crimes. We recently set up purpose-built holographic environments to house those convicted until such time as the migrations to the metamorphosis Light chambers commence. Your limited-consciousness reality produced essentially two categories of people: the haves and the have-nots. The disparity between these groups created a wide variety of karmic patterning and bonds between many of you, and the key to releasing all this is simply Love and forgiveness. Generations of lives were played out in a hugely inventive and complex epic, written by master playwrights: you! But it is time now to end these dramas.

Ahead of you lies the shift into full consciousness. In this mode of being, you can easily recall each second of any life you choose to relive [Akashic records]. In so doing, you can see how you entwined each other in various dramas, lasting years, decades, or even lifetimes. The purpose of all this was to go through experiences that would build up your store of wisdom, like choosing to learn certain 'lessons' either collectively or individually. Now you are to discover the reasons behind these experiences. Use this knowledge, as we do, to broaden your perspective of what makes a person 'human.' You can explore the full gamut of 'the human experience' which we have all, at one time or another, lived through. Here you will find both sadness and humor, allowing your dearly won wisdom to come into its own as you examine other planetary cultures that are in similar states of limited consciousness. Our exosociologists deeply value their time on your world, and you too, by virtue of your extensive experience, will become most wise and sought-after Souls.

The new political and economic system forged by our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins is very close to manifesting. The last secret-government underground bases are closed, and we evacuated many more thousands of dark cabal underlings from them. Our sights now turn to the major conspirators. Here we expect to be able to force the resignations of the dark's illegal regimes and so this operation is ready to begin in earnest. Our Earth allies, under the supervision and divine direction of your Ascended masters, possess a legal standing backed by allied military divisions that use their moral and legal authority to compel the stand down of the military forces of several nations pledged to the services of the dark cabal. Happily, these forces are inclining increasingly to the Light, and this changing-sides is reaching a point where it becomes possible to leverage the remaining dark governments from office. Once this situation is fully accepted by the dark, deliveries, followed by new governance and announcements, become possible.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Your planet is in the final stages of moving herself into full consciousness. Her Spiritual Hierarchy has delayed the last few moves that herald her surface makeover. However, feeling deeply Gaia's desire to raise her consciousness, we Ascended Masters have accelerated the procedures contributing to the transformation of humanity, including the basic operating protocols of your financial and governmental structures. What needs to take place now is a wholesale change of perception in your social philosophies: in essence, this involves moving from the strictly material toward a more spiritual worldview. What is needed is a global society based on mutual respect and the honoring of all. The separations and hatreds that have long characterized Earth's societies are no longer appropriate; it is time to acknowledge your 'oneness' with each other and create societal structures rooted in these beliefs.

These new structures are to manifest when the changes we have been discussing become reality. Our associates, with great fortitude, have created the conditions that will make such a world possible. Your anticipation of these new realities can be seen in the numerous governmental changes and public manifestos of what is swiftly becoming a global movement for peace, justice, and prosperity. Implicit in this movement is a universal acceptance of each other. You are proclaiming yourselves to be a united and free humanity, and we take this global movement as proof of what you truly aspire to. St Germaine's world trust and those facilities created by our associates are waiting to be born. And so comes the time to bring these things into the light of day and begin our joint march toward a new fully conscious reality!

We have asked our associates to finish whatever details remain outstanding and to get the prosperity out to the people. It is extremely important that your present form of governance be replaced as the dark-oriented regimes are the major obstacle preventing the long-promised funds from being delivered. On top of that, disclosure and all that that entails needs to be announced as soon as possible. These issues have lain around unresolved for far too long. Now, Gaia desires to go ahead with her transformation, and our timetable has also reached the point where it can no longer accommodate any more delays. And so we have sent out a single communiqué to both our Agarthan friends and the Galactic Federation, recommending them to act on our behalf and to do so now! It is time to set aside protocol [forget the rules and get to work now] and let our beloved planet and her peoples be free!

Andromeda Council - Removing Reptilian undersea bases from the Middle East and China

    * Two important Reptilians/grays bases are being taken out.
    * One is in the Gulf of Aden (1.5 miles down).
    * Other is in ocean off coast of China (1 mile down).
    * Both bases generate emotional-fear-producing sonic frequencies sent out to the regions near those bases (e.g., Middle East, Asia). The frequencies are designed to create fear in the emotional bodies of people in those regions of the planet
    * The conflicts in Middle East have been created/continued by this method.
    * The intent is to keep these regions in constant state of fear and turmoil.
    * The reptilians/grays literally feed off of this fear. It is a food for them.
    * Middle East countries/people have been used as pawns on a chessboard, for thousands of years, without having any idea what is going on.
    * The end objective of the Andromedan group with the destruction of all these underground/underwater bases is to get these malevolent entities off this planet [before disclosure].

Wanderer of the Skies - October 25, 2011

Greetings from the Federation: We return with more news for you in these waning days to Disclosure. While we do not endorse any date, either for Disclosure or Ascension, any date you choose is only as good as your thought intentions in creating its reality. We stand prepared to move towards Disclosure according to the plans we have developed for a long time now.  You will again be amazed in the next coming weeks at the sheer number of our craft revealed to you in your skies. The complexity of the craft, their size and performance, will only get better as time progresses. This is also a clear sign that what we are telling you is coming to pass. We are “ramping up” the Disclosure process because we must. It is an imperative now and we have no alternative to it. However, we are quite pleased with your progress in your protests and demonstrations, which have given rise to a thought pattern of true change among you. Now that we have seen this develop on its own, we are given permission to proceed with our own plans in this respect.

Expect much in the next several weeks and you will not be disappointed. Disclosure is on your doorstep. When it knocks, welcome it with open arms for it ushers in a truly new paradigm for your existence. There will shortly be further revelations from individuals of your Inner Earth who will come to you with much in the way of evidence necessary to prove the existence of your lost relations. It will come in a myriad of formats, so watch carefully for these developments. Keep open to the possibilities that exist before you and you will find these coming days truly exciting and worthwhile.

Drekx Omega on Comet Elenin - September 25, 2011
The Timelords are here to Splice Time

Much has been said about "Comet Elenin" and the time has come to clarify what it actually is.  Firstly, for security reasons, GFL motherships do not approach Earth uncloaked and so "Elenin" is not such a ship.  The main S&E Fleet motherships are surrounding the solar system in three security rings....

1) Earth orbit security ring
2) Sun orbit at Mars security ring
3) Sun orbit at Neptune security ring.

There are thousands of motherships from many Federation star nations represented within these rings, and they include Sirian motherships which are under Supreme Fleet Commander Atura's juristriction.  Sirian motherships are 300 miles in length and contain 500 scout ships, so obviously if these fleet motherships were visable, the sheer numbers and sizes would be completely noticed by Earth astronomers, and the time for this presentation is just prior to First Contact.

BEING CLOAKED with their gravity signatures disguised, they are not being detected by astronomers on Earth unless decloaked periodically and individually, so the only other vast bodies to be observed currently in this system are the elohim devas, whose natural hulls resemble GFL motherships.  They are not taking part in First Contact and so remain uncloaked at all times.  "Comet Elenin" is one such devic elohim, of the "Timelord" class and is here to splice time.  There are other elohim known as Solar Devas, that have been observed within the Sun's corona and they are being picked up by SOHO as uncloaked.

The devic elohim are here at the behest of Lord Sureya, the Galactic Logos, and their role is to terraform the planets and modify the magnetic fields of all bodies within the system, allowing the transitional shift to 5th density.   I would also like to remind everyone that only the surfaces of the newly terraformed waterworlds, Venus, Mars and Pax, will retain the illusion of linear time in 3rd density.  The inner continents of those worlds, with their own Spiritual Hierarchies, will enjoy identical vibrations to Agartha on Earth, and those ancient Hierarchies will also be supplemented by ascendees from Earth,  releasing their ancient lineage for services outside of the system, many of whom will serve on the GFL Main Council in the Vegan system (planet Deron.)

And if you can imagine that there are several timelines that equate to those strands, which are being converged into a unified field that takes the entire solar system, apart from some designated zones outside of Earth, into the reality beyond time.  Of course, time being illusory, the system is being returned to a greater wholeness beyond this 3rd and 4th density illusion, including this illusory time and space [matrix], and we as individuals are also integrating with our light bodies, to be free of the time and space matrix we currently reside in.

As consciousness grows, the call for the Timelords to serve the purpose of splicing is manifest for our solar system's evolution, and the intent is for Earth to possess a 5th density outer and inner vibration, but no longer 4th and 3rd density zones which will only be permitted upon Mars, Venus and Pax.  Earth will possess 5th, 6th and 7th density zones of life expression, so the higher density bodies will be shifted even higher within our Solaris star nation, bringing this system into resonance with my own system the Sirian star nation.   [I  agree with most but not all of what he says at this time.  Most ETs are still thinking in 3D and carbon bodies that will not exist in 5D.  Those in 5D will possess eternal bodies of Light.]

George Green talks about ETs, Clones and Synthetic People (Replicants)        2008      Sept. 2011    2006

Cloning techniques... since 1938, they’ve been making cloned people. There’s eight countries making clones. I have a doctor friend and all he does is treat the clones. We give them a small electrical charge. I’m just condensing. It’ll act like a fertilized egg. If I got a fertilized egg, all I need is a receiver in order to make it.  The original technology was given to our government by the Grays. Now the reason was, that our scientists were all excited because we could have spare parts. If you need a heart or a liver or anything, you don’t have any rejection because it’s your own DNA, right?   The so-called 'elite' are selecting who they want to have around, anyway. So we want to keep people going as long as we can. I’ve talked to the doctor that was working on the regeneration of Castro, for instance.

Get some old videos of George Bush, when he first came into office. Look at the person and listen to him speak. Look at his actions, and listen to his... everything that’s there. Now, it’s a lot easier to put somebody out in front to act as a - you know, even Bush did. He had somebody else that was up there acting like he is and looking like it.  Even Hitler had a... you know, he had his stand-in. In fact, his stand-in was the one that they found in the ground over in Germany. I mean Hitler and Eva and the dog, and 14 other people got aboard a plane and flew down to Barcelona, Spain. You were aware of that. And then ended up in Antarctica, or in Schwabenland, and then died a few years ago in Brazil [He lived in the US for a while. Under Operation Paperclip many Nazis like Bush Senior were imported into the US and became citizens and worked in the US corporation.]

My Comments:  Although thousands have been reportedly arrested and removed from these underground cities, the important leaders are still in control and nothing has visibly changed so far.  The Roth Kids, the Rocky Fellers, the Bushes and Ferns, and Bummer and his clone buddies are still running this horror show, and until these changes occur most people will not believe any of this.  The deadline that Sereti gave last year for disclosures has past (it was only a desired goal that should have been met by now), and it appears to most that nothing has been accomplished so far.  This clean up of underground bases was supposed to have been done about 5 years ago, so someone is not telling the truth.  It appears that now they are finally being sanitized and destroyed as they should have been long ago.  There are reportedly other bases like Montauk, Camp David and Martha's Vineyard that still exist.

George Green as mentioned above has probably the best understanding of clones, and his Camelot videos and other work are helpful in understanding what is going on now.  Most of our leaders are clones without souls who are programmed to do the dark side business, and many ETs do not know much about this and should.  His knowledge comes from his ET encounters, and like many ETs his understanding of Divinity and ascension is very limited, and his work has both truth and errors.  Those who know him said he worked with ETs on top secret UFO projects on Mars, and the ET technology that was given to black ops programs was used only for war and control and did not benefit the public as it was meant to.

I am grateful for Sheldan's work as a messenger, but I speak also for us prisoners here in 3D hell who need to be freed from this tyranny and become aware of the many worlds that exist outside of our own as soon as possible, since 3D is almost over and time is running out.   Sheldan often speaks of Lemuria and the fall of Atlantis, but he only goes back 13,000 years.   The Anunnaki have been in control of this universe for about 320,000 years, and it is generally believed that this refers to the time when they created Negroes from monkeys in labs to work as mindless slaves mining for gold in Africa (which they would like all of us to be also).  The same dualistic destructive controlling system that ran the "golden age of Atlantis" runs our world also.  Some of us participated in this Atlantis period, but none of us remember it since the Divine policy is to erase all memories and start over with a new beginning.   The Akashic records that show every thought and action since time began are part of the astral realms matrix and will no longer exist.

People often talk lovingly about our current friends and family, but no one talks about those we associated with in our previous lives because they are permanently forgotten.  It will be the same experience for most when the next cycle begins, even for those who keep their carbon bodies.  When you consider our darkside controlled consciousness and the multiple languages that were created by the Anunnaki to divide us and keep us from uniting together to oppose this evil control, it is only natural that we would start over anew.  Those bodies will still carry some bad karma that will be eliminated gradually under the new environment, and it will help many to eventually return to the Light once the duality is removed.

The Wall Street protests did help bring a call for global awareness and change, but without intervention the only result will be the arrest of those who participate.  There has been an infiltration by the darkside into these groups just as there is in new age and other spiritual movements and in UFO groups, and the purpose is to discredit and distort the truth and destroy any opposition.  Most of these protesters are unemployed and some are homeless, and they only want money in order to survive.  They have little or no understanding of their status as slaves and the role that the banksters have played in this. 

The collapse of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi brought a return to the bankster control of this once great nation.  The paid mercenaries (including those in the US military) looted, raped, and pillaged the wealth that was available, and many are now homeless and starving.  The next agenda on the hit list is Iran and Korea because they have resisted the bankster's control thus far.  This war should have been shut down by the ETs, and allowing these crimes to continue is in itself criminal.  All of the promises that have been discussed for years by Sheldan and others mean nothing until there is a visible change. 

The death of Apple's founder Steve Jobs brought much praise for his work, but there is a dark side in his leadership that is not mentioned much.  Those who knew him closely said he was a tyrant and a ruthless dictator who wanted to destroy all competition that would limit profits since business is war, and the goal is to remove all obstacles in reaching the top by any means possible (so much for the virtues of big business).  This is typical of most who are rich and famous, for they have sold their souls to the devil in order to become successful.

October is about over and status quo continues as usual, so the word now is that we will not see any change until at least November (more delays).  Hopefully we will see a real awakening and disclosures soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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I hope the ones making comments in the Tim Turner post are reading this.
And that goes to the fundimental "programmed" christians that continue to post silly scriptures to all the GFL posts here...protecting their lack of knowledge based on fear of hell & death which neither exist.
Soon you will look back in shock as how ignorant you were.
WAKE UP...Billy Graham is a freemason & you think he is the greatest thing since JC walked the earth.
The Vatican is satanic & the church is there to keep you from ever learning the truth...and it obviously is working very good.
There are many good links here so be sure to use them.
Open your minds & take the blinders off.
BTW...the prime creator uncreated Lucifer almost 10 years ago.
It's over what are your afraid of now??? Mr.Ed

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..... Undeterred, George rebuilt his world, and is in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems. His very important free e-book, Handbook for the New Paradigm,.... has been read by millions all over the world.
George is a delight to listen to: relaxed, friendly and humorous. He has an extremely serious message: there is very little time left in which to prepare. Telling us that his "sources" are informing him that too few people are "waking up" and that it is almost too late, his own bags are packed and he is about to relocate to Ecuador, where he says that many "insiders" have bought real estate and have already left the United States. When asked when we might expect major changes to occur, his response is to look at his watch. "The moment we launch a strike against Iran, is the moment no longer to be in the US," George says. "Pretty soon we'll be waking up one Monday morning to find that the world is no longer the same." ..... Click here for a transcript of Part 1 of the video.Click here for a transcript of Part 2 of the video. from /////
Click here for George Green's website.****, 2009 // part1 part2
................................. 6:39min George Green Talks Cloning Presidents .... Reptilians, Organic Robotoids & Synthetic People ..Chargement…5 246views, added by jawa86gmail, le31mai/may 2011. ///// Psychic SEAN DAVID MORTON Speaks The Truth About Obama, 8:21min: